OT: New Neighbor

We live in an Apt complex. My DH just IM’d me about this new neighbor. She is 85 and her son moved her in. He came up to my DH and said

" 'hi, i just moved my mom in, her name is elaine she sometimes forgets her name, she doesn’t know where she is, so she needs to be reminded, if you see her wandereing just point her to the right direction, her car is over there, blah blah"

Ok…first of all…How sad that she is obviously not capable of living on her own…and our management thought it best she move in on OUR row, there are so many kids they are bound her give her a heart attack.

Second of all…HER CAR??? She can’t remember her name, where her apartment is, she wanders around and has to be pointed in the right direction, yet she DRIVES???

What the heck is wrong with people?

That was my thought. HER CAR? I sincerely hope he means her-car-which-he-is-driving.

:frowning: i am more than a little sad that it seems like she is sort of being dumped to fend for herself. maybe she isn’t as bad off as he has impressed upon your husband… :pray:

I am hoping not, my DH said he made it sound REALLY bad. I’m going to talk to the Manager when I get home.

That is dangerous to the neighborhood…hold on to the kids when she is driving !

snephenie…I see you’re in California too. I think you’re on the right track. Talk to your apartment manager, and maybe introduce yourself to Elaine. See how that feels. If you still feel that she’s been abandoned or is a danger to someone else, you could call social services (check your phone book). I believe you can tip them off anonymously.

I hope her son was just tired from moving and just made things sound worse than they really are. :pray:

I think that her son should be ashamed of himself!!! I could never do something like that with a loved one!..we are to care for one another.
I agree, call your manager, speak with Elaine and if need be, call social services so that she/and everyone else…are safe.

Oh, I hope it’s not as bad as the son made it seem. I can’t imagine doing that. My grandfather is 82 and he lives around the corner from my house, with my step-grandmother. He still drives when he feels he “has” to, but we’ve all made it clear that he can call night or day and we will get him where he needs to go. My mother goes over every morning before she goes to work and I stop over almost every night while I’m out walking the dog. I can’t imagine dumping someone off and basically letting other people worry about this poor woman. Grrr… :thinking:

I have worked in a couple of different nursing homes as a CNA and all forms of dementia my advice to you is to go to her apartment and introduce yourself and try to have a conversation with her if she seems confused to you call your local family services for help not only could she burn the apartment down but sometimes when you try to help someone who is that confused by leading them out of danger or what not they can become very combative it is a dangerous situation for everyone !

That is so sad. :verysad:

Oh, that poor woman. :frowning:

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: