OT: New Movie

There is a movie coming out this weekend called “Facing the Giants” – you can watch a trailer here. On the surface, it’s a movie about football, but it’s really about much more than that.

There is a movement going on to try and get as many people as possible to go see this movie this weekend to send a message that the general public really does want good, quality movies that portray people with good values and high morals. Speak up and let Hollywood know that our intelligence is insulted by the mediocre choices they are giving us.

:stepping down off soap box:

[size=2]Oh wait … incidentally, the theme song on the “new” trailer was our theme song during our son’s 2nd bout with cancer.[/size]

I haven’t heard of it (I don’t really see movies, so I guess I tend to ignore ads for them). What IS it about, other than football? :??

Thank you, DotMom! :sun:

Cate – It’s a movie about a coach that turns around the whole philosophy of the football team, and that’s really all I know. The trailer made me cry, so I’ll have to take a box of kleenex with me. :oops:

And you’re welcome, Denise!!! Are ya’ gonna go???!!!

:doh: I just noticed the link to the trailer. I get it now.

Oh, Julie, I can’t wait to see it! I’m afraid that I don’t go to the movies, I can’t sit for long periods because of my hip. but, I’m sure we have people from church going.
I loved it when coach said “We are going to give God our best in every area and if we win, we praise Him and if we lose, we praise Him.” I’d not heard that in a while, I’ve been praying like that for years, I praise and thank God for His answer to my prayers, whether the answer is the one that I want or not because, of course, He knows what is best in the end! The coach is allowing God to do the same thing and teach this team lessons, it seems…this is going to be a FANTASTIC movie, can’t wait for the dvd :cheering: :cheering:
Thanks, Julie :cheering:

Oh, this looks good! I saw the trailer the other day on TV and thought it was going to be one I’d want to see.

What an awesome looking movie! My dh and I don’t watch many movies, and we tend to mute the commercials on tv. I’d likely not have even known about this movie if not for your post. Thanks! :cheering:

I just hope it does come to our small town. :pray:

Renna –

Did you check the web site to see where it’s playing in your area? I was surprised to find that the closest theater playing it in our area was 20 MILES away! :shock:

It really does make me sick that something as stupid and meaningless as Jackass 2 gets a full national release, but a movie with a good, wholesome message gets limited coverage. I’m really fed up w/ the narrow-mindedness of the movie industry.

I just checked. It said that, as of right now, there are no confirmed showings at theaters within a 50 mile radius of our zip code. Still, I’m not giving up hope. I live in a so-called “bible belt” area, so there is a good chance it may get shown here eventually!

DotMom, I don’t know much about this movie, but sometimes movies don’t get released nationally because of the cost. Was this one made by a smaller company or one of the huge ones?
And, I really hate how this is going to make me sound, but if people LIKE movies like Jackass 2 and the producers of those movies can afford to keep putting them in theaters, why shouldn’t they be released? If a large number of people didn’t want to go see these movies, they wouldn’t be making the money that they do.

Cate, I understand your point, but there are also many people who’d like to go to the movies more often, and to take our families, but we can’t because there’s so little acceptable family viewing available. We would go to the movies more if more movies like this were being made.

Cate – the movie is put out by Sony.

It’s really hard for me to articulate what I want to say about the movie industry (and media in general). Let me give it a try: Our society watches a LOT of TV, movies, etc. We become accustomed to what we see via these vehicles and assume that because we’re seeing it there, it must be how EVERYONE feels. As an example, TV has gradually moved toward a much more lenient attitude towards swearing and nudity. All it took was one or two shows to push the envelope, and that opened the door for others to do the same. Pretty soon, it was OK for any show – even those shown during “prime time” – to let their standards slide regarding the use of foul language.

I guess I have a similar opinion to that of Bill Cosby when he stood up and criticized the young African American males for leading mediocre lives.

I’m saying that we should expect MORE from something as influential as the movie & TV industry, but instead we’re just allowing them to feed us mindless dribble. Even more so, parents are allowing the mindless dribble to trickle into the brains of their impressionable children.

The same parents that won’t allow their children to eat Twinkies and potato chips don’t even bat an eye when their kids want to spend their time letting their brains soak up something as mindless as say, for instance, Jackass 2.

So, yeah, stupid movies make big dollars because that’s what people have come to see as ‘the norm,’ and also because that’s what the movie industry promotes to us as what we ought to see. They spend lots of money making them, lots of money promoting them, and need to get lots of money back to make them profitable.

What would happen if Sony Pictures decided to spend the same amount of $$ promoting “Facing the Giants” as Paramount spent on Jackass?? What if they promoted it as The Movie to See??

I don’t have statistics or data to back up anything that I’ve written here. I’m just going on plain observation. I just want the general public to expect more. We shouldn’t have to settle for mediocrity, or as I like to call it: Junk Food for the Mind.

I realize this may not be a popular or “politically correct” opinion, but honestly, I’m pretty much done with being politically correct. It’s getting us no where.

Sorry, Cate, if this sounds brusque. I’ve had a crappy week so far, and I’m not doing a very good job of being diplomatic. Please know that none of this is directed at you personally.

And something else just occurred to me :shifty: ... the trends in TV and the movies are set by the people who watch TV and movies all the time.  Generally speaking, are these the people who are out there trying to make a difference, or are these the people who are spending their life on the couch?  Do we *really* want The People on the Couch deciding what's makes Good TV or Good Movies?  :hmm:  

Sorry ... I realize this is just going to make me very unpopular, but like I said, I'm just in that sort of mood.  I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings or get anyone's shorts in a wad.

I attempted to make a point here and changed my mind and erased the post (so if you looked at this twenty minutes ago and it looked long, you’re not crazy!). I’m sorry for rocking the boat. I realize there is no point in arguing about it.

Cate – Don’t apologize for rocking the boat. You’re entitled to your opinion, too. Like I said, I’m just not in the best frame of mind this week. I’m just as guilty of watching “junk” on TV as the next person, but it does disturb me to see the downward spiral that our entertainment has taken over the past 20 years or so.

Let’s put this puppy back to sleep now …


i live in los angeles and work for one of the major movie studios, but i don’t want to say which one

i lay the blame SOLEY at the feet of the viewing public - to use the example people have mentioned here, yes, look at the money Jackass 2 is bringing in - money talks - the movie business is just that, a business, and i don’t hold it against the studios for running a business - the goal of ANY business is to make money

people want crap and that is what is given to them - go to any major grocery store chain - the “good” stuff (the organic, soy, and vegan products) get half an aisle of shelf space and the “crap” (twinkies, Cap’n Crunch and oreos) gets 10x as much space because that is what people are spending their money on - the grocery store is a business and they have every right to make money as any other business

last year, the studio i work for put out 2 really good, family friendly movies that were widely released and were well advertised - both movies lost millions of dollars, total flops - so, all the people that are saying they want to send a message never went to see these movies - it is not what “america” wants - if you want friendly friendly fare, then support it and speak with your wallet

ok, off my soapbox now - i just get really torqued up about this topic - the studio i work for has put out some total crap (and it made $$$), but i am also really proud to have worked on some of our better titles that, unfortunately, didn’t make the $$ and some days it seems like all the public wants is Jackass 2

Jelly –

I can see your point, and I don’t mean to say that it’s entirely the fault of the studios.

My DH and I were discussing this whole issue last night, and we came to the conclusion that this really revolves around the fact that the viewing audience for movies is generally teenagers. Movies are what they do. So, the movie industry starts catering to the taste of the average 14 to 18 year-old, and well – voila – we have children setting the standard for what is released in theaters.

Now, I guess the bone I have to pick w/ the movie studios is that they are putting $$ above everything else. And, yes, they have to make money – that’s why they’re in business, and yes, the rest of us need to speak up and have a say about it. I guess maybe that’s, in part, why overall movie ticket sales have steadily dropped in recent years. So, maybe the general public is making their statement by their absence.

Well, I’m sorry for this all getting stirred up. I simply wanted to encourage people to support this movie so that it WOULD make a statement. I haven’t seen any advertisements for it anywhere, and it seems like word-of-mouth is the only way anyone will hear of it.

Julie, I did see an advertisement for this on tv last night. I’d likely not have paid attention (tv was muted for a commercial) if you hadn’t already mentioned it here.

We have satellite, which includes the local Dallas/Ft.Worth stations (nearest metropolis to us). Since I don’t remember what we were watching at the time, I don’t have a clue which station was airing it. I’m hoping it was one of the DFW stations, which means it will at least be that close, and might possibly come here to our town.

I’m happy to say that I have seen several commercials for this movie since Julie posted the topic :cheering:

May I ask, are you feeling better, Julie? I sure hope so :muah:

I’ll probably see it just because it has “The Rock” in it :happydance: