OT: New Mexico

My dtr is driving to Yuma AZ and will be going to Albequerque or Gallup tomorrow. She’s heard those cities aren’t too safe. If you’re a NM resident, can you give me some info on the cities and whether it is safe for an overnight stop. Any help would be appreciated.

She thinks she’ll be drive across NM on WI-40. Motels, hotels, etc would be helpful. Thanks.

abq is absolutely safe! here’s my recommendation: http://www.inn-new-mexico.com/rooms.html

they have a great breakfast. :slight_smile:

i stayed here some time ago on my way home from texas. (i have a house about an hour north of taos.)

hope this helps!

Thanks. This is coming from a kid who grew up in suburban Detroit. But it’s all new to her and I think she’s a little intimidated by all the unknowns. I really appreciate the input. :muah:

Wowsa! I just checked that link to the inn. My DH and I are probably going to drive down to Yuma in the spring. I will definitely keep that place on the itinerary. It looks beautiful.

safe travels!
i know she’ll just :heart: NM!

They are beautiful areas of the country and perfectly safe.

Hey! We live in Surprise, AZ and have driven through NM recently. Alb is very safe. Just like any other big city. If your dd gets stuck somewhere in west Phoenix (I assume she will take I-17 to Yuma) have her give me a call. :slight_smile: