OT: Need vacation destination ideas, please help me :)

vacation? what’s that? :shrug:


I know!! That’s why this is so special for us. 10 yrs of marriage and our first vacation. We’re waaaayyyyyyy overdue.

Plus we’ve decided to skip going home for Christmas to take this trip. I’m kinda sad, but I know my marriage is more important than a trip home. Which is all we ever do when we go somewhere.

Ohhhh girls, I’m thinking Hawaii!!! :happydance: :happydance:

Xtgirl, what was the name of that B&B that you stayed at??

I’ve never been to Hawaii, but I’m sure that’ll be a fabulous vaction!!! That’s where I’d pick to go.

I vote for The Grand Canyon or a cruise to Alaska. My inlaws are from Holland and every time they come to visit, they rent a car and drive somewhere. I think the first year they went to The Grand Canyon, they stayed in Williams and took the train to the Canyon. They LOVED it! And it snowed so I think it made it even more special for them. Some of the pictures they took are beautiful

My dream vacation is a 7-10 cruise to Alaska.:heart: Forget Hawaii or the Bahamas, I want to see Bald Eagles, glaciers and try to get a glimpse of what this country may have looked like a couple of hundred years ago. Someday I really hope we can do this, probably 10-15 years down the road after the kids are out of the house though!

Wherever you end up, I’m sure it will be great, but have you considered Europe?

Those times (fall and winter) of year, you can get great airline rates, and you can see some beautiful places. I have family is Spain, and usually when we go, we go in September. So relaxing, and such beautiful countryside. And the tourists are usually gone by then, so it’s peacful.

Good luck with your decision :slight_smile:

I went to Cancun, MX in November it was pretty fun

We want to stay in the US. We don’t want the hassle of getting and paying for a passport, especially since we’d only use it that one time. :shrug:

We’re not world travellers by any means.