OT: Need vacation destination ideas, please help me :)

Hi guys and gals!! I am in desperate need, okay maybe not desperate, but I am in the need for ideas of places that me and DH can go in the US for our first official vacation.

I know, weird, but we’ve never really gone on a vacation, unless you call going home to visit a vacation. :roll: I don’t. We’ll be celebrating our 10th anniversary this coming December and we’ve decided to treat ourselves to something special, but we need help on destination sites.

Here’s what we’ve come up with so far:

Las Vegas/The Grand Canyon
Alaskan Cruise

Now, we’re not rich by any means, but we want to kinda splurge on this one. I’m not talking 10’s of thousands of dollars, but since we haven’t been anywhere we were kinda hoping to get some ideas from you wonderful people. :wink: We were thinking of going this fall or winter.

I thank you in advance for your wonderful suggestions!! :heart: :hug: :heart:


There are no children involved here, just so you know.

I’ve never used the company, but my friends have LOVED the vacations they’ve taken with Contiki. The tours are designed specifically for 18-35 year olds (I hope you fall into that category).

IMHO, Disneyworld is overrated.

Alaska is cold.

Las Vegas is expensive and WAY too bright.

Hawaii is a volcano. :shock:

I would say Havaii. Maui in particular is beautifull I heard. You can check trip advicer for the hotels in the area. Also Fodors website is great help.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Oh Hilde, you crack me up! And yes I do fall into that category. (closer to the 35 :pout: )

Thanks for the link.

:thumbsup: i live to serve. :slight_smile:

You’re silly, Hildie!

I think you need to think about this trip. Is it for relaxing? Do you enjoy crowds. What about weather… prefer one over the other? And then you can go to a travel site like www.kayak.com and see how much it might be …possibly you can narrow it down by doing that, too.

That being said…I’ve been to Hawaii 3 times and loved it. The air is warm, the water is warm, the scenery is beautiful pretty much year round. There’s whale watching, snorkeling, lying on the beach, etc. It’s good for a relaxing vacation for sure. :wink: Oh and we’ve been to Maui twice and the big island of Hawaii once.

Alaskan cruises aren’t year round so keep that in mind.

you could come to picturesque Coastal maine
we have honest to goodness Schooners tat go out for cruises, and lobster is cheep to buy nd cook for yourself
nice beaches, great hiking trails. We have many country fairs in the summer months
and folk concerts too

lots of rental cabins on the water (ocean or ponds) you can get for less than a grand for a week
comes with a kitchen and bedrooms and many times with a Dock and or Small boat to go exploring with

just some ideas

Your own private beachfront cottage. That’s my idea of a perfect vacation anyway.

My beloved’s is opening day at Fenway Park. :teehee:

That is a wonderful cottage! They might have a ton of rain that time of year though… I know that one place in Tofino or nearby actually has storm rates and specials.

That’s true, Jan. Summer or early fall would be the time to go. Unless storms float your boat. I do miss thunderstorms.

We were invited to go for the storm season last year, but were unable to go. I’d like to sometime. I love thunderstorms, but as you know we don’t get many. :shrug:

I absolutely vote for Vegas. We go there EVERY year and never get tired of it. Now you have to understand for us it isn’t about the gambling. We have a bunch of casinos just 40 miles from here to gamble at. There is so much to do, to see, to eat, to shop, to party, to club, the weather is spectacular almost all year round. This is a place where it doesn’t matter whether you are 20 or 70 there are great things for you to do and lots of them are free! Here is a website for the visitor’s and convention bureau that has everything you could possibly want to check out hotels and such. You can also send for their vacation package and it is free and is a nice big book with everything and I mean everything in it from hotels, to food spots, to shows etc. My advice is book early for shows, decide what you want to splurge on, ie, we spend $$$ on flying first class and stay off strip. If this is what you decide, PM me and I can give you all sorts of helpful info and would be glad to help!



i went to Canyon and HAwaii … hawaii is expensive but nice to relax by the beach… but scenery wise canyon is the best and do visit flagstaff and red rock …the sunset and sun rise is unbelieveable ! at red rock you can see the sun set at 360 degrees !

you and DH love to hike…canyon is another best place for that … very nice and cool at this time of the year…

Hawaii …i like Kaui and maui… the lodging is expensive…we stay in the five stars hotel and you must see the fire show at the nite and their traditional hip dance … they have good buffet at nite where they buried their food on the ground !

Did you NOT see the thread about the LYSs? Can anyone say “ROAD TRIP”?


I went on a Contiki trip in Europe with some, and it was sooo much fun. The only thing with them is that since everyone’s pretty young (most people in my tour were under 30) that a lot of the night activities center around drinking and partying…I thought it was fun but that’s really not everyone’s thing, there was one couple there that was a little older than everyone (I’m assuming closer to 35) and it seemed like they felt a little uncomfortable. Just want to warn you. Oh, and they also have trips that are different lengths, I went for 2 weeks which they say is very short and hard to get everything in. With Contiki they recommend a month trip :pout: which many people can’t do.

As someone who grew up going to Disney (my aunt and uncle worked there so we got in for free!! :happydance:) I have to agree it is overrated and expensive. Its fun, but not the most relaxing trip since you’re running around trying to get everything in.

If you’re thinking Alaska, summer is definitely the time to go. I went for 2 weeks one summer, and drove to different places around the state. Its really not cold at all…you can wear shorts and a t-shirt. Its also so beautiful, I wasn’t to excited about going to Alaska (hey, I was 16) but I LOVED it!

Vegas is fun, but it can get really expensive…you have to make sure you’re looking for deals. There’s also tons to do besides gambeling (which I’m not a big fan of). There’s shows, rollercoasters, shops, etc. Its really a fun place.

I hope this helps! Good luck deciding where to go.

Yellowstone!!! I love it there. So much to see, just beautiful, and very unique.

OH!!! That’s right, I forgot Yellowstone. That was one of our ideas too. Sorry. :aww:

This is to be a fun vacation. Relaxing is nice too. Like I said, we’re thinking around the fall season as that’s the time of year my hubby’s schedule slows down. So fall or winter. We’re thinking more fall than winter though.

We aren’t big drinkers at all.

So it sounds like Disney is out of the running??? No one has convinced me yet to go there…I thought Vegas was more on the cheaper side?? Well the food anyway. My hubby’s grandparents used to go every year and they said the food was fantastic and inexpensive.

As far as the LYS’s, I figured that was a given! Of course we’ll stop at the LYS!! What do you think I am, Crazy?? :teehee:

Ooooo, I am so confused!!! Anyone else have any other places they can think of that they’ve been too??

I need more ideas! It’ll be about a week’s vacation. I know it’s not that long, but something is better than nothing…[size=2]right[/size]?

CRUISE gets my vote!! Doesn’t even matter where you go, the cruise part alone is worth it! :slight_smile: I’ve been on two and I LOOOOVED them. I’ve never done an Alaskan cruise, and I dont’ think I’d do that in December, but in the summertime it’s beautiful there and not all that cold (and I’m from Texas!). My girls’ godparents did that in July and they loved it. It’s definitely on my list. The great thing about cruising is you get to go to lots of different places, but you only have to pack/unpack ONCE!


OH!!! That’s right, I forgot Yellowstone. That was one of our ideas too. Sorry. :aww:[/quote]

Since I live just outside Yellowstone, I thought I’d let you know that if you are planning on going in the fall or winter then Yellowstone is probably not a good idea, unless you like to ski or do other snow related activities/sports. During the fall/winter months most of the entrances to Yellowstone are closed, as well as most of the places to visit. Also, the roads get pretty crappy during the cold, snowy months. If you want to visit Yellowstone then late spring and summer is the best time.

Having said that, I totally vote for Hawaii. We just got back from a week in Maui a few days ago and we’re already trying to figure out when we can go back. It is beautiful there and there is so much stuff to do and see. I miss it. :pout:

I vote for Hawaii…

I have been to Cancun three times, Vegas once and Hawaii twice.

Vegas is really cool for what it is…kind of gawdy(in a good way), gambling, food, drinks, shows. I think its nice to go there but not for THE special vacation.

Cancun is beautiful. The water is very warm, crystal clear. The all inclusive places are really great. In this place, you are more isolated and depend on others to get you off the resorts and to places of interest. The weather is gorgeous.

Hawaii…is my absolute favorite. I went to Maui for my brother’s wedding. Maui is great…hiking, beautiful beaches, great snorkeling, windsurfing, black stone beaches, biking. We stayed in a B+B that was gorgeous and it was not expensive.

We went to Oahu for our honeymoon and that was great too. I guess since I love snorkeling, I have loved Hawaii the best…lots of beautiful fish. And the people are really laid back and friendly too.

If you are military the Hale Koa on Waikiki is really cheap and beautiful. I don’t remember where you live but for East coasters, it takes a long time to get to Hawaii, so if I were planning one big vacation this would be it…and I would stay for more than a week for sure!!!