OT--need prayers

This is so off the topic of knitting, but with no SnB around my house, I need someone (many someones) prayers. I’m an elementary teacher and trying to get on at my son’s school. I had a job there at the beginning of this school year, but my principal would not let me out of my contract (he said he couldn’t find anyone to replace me–yet he let someone transfer out and hired 2 additional teachers–let just say I wasn’t very happy and in the words of the Dixie Chicks–I’m not ready to make nice!!! :!!!: Anyway, there is a chance that 1 or 2 teachers may leave my son’s school and I REALLY WANT TO BE THERE. I’ve already spoke to my son’s principal and he knows how bad I want to leave my present job. Just keep me in your prayers. Thanks alot.

I’ll be both praying and cheering for ya :hug:

Good luck, I hope everything works out! :hug:


You’ll be where God wants you to be. Accept that and be at peace.

Wow, What he said. :pray:

Aside frrom the Dixie Chicks comment (ha)

I feel for you very much BUT… you are where you are supposed to be maybe your son needs independance or maybe you are to help a child that does not have a mother or father that loves them as you love yours

Be nice do to your principal what you would tell your son to do be nice and as rough as it gets there is always a reason sometimes we are just to blind or busy to see it

I admire that you are a teacher it really does take a special person to take care of oour childredn & our future


my prayer will be with you and God always has a plan for everybody … and everything happened for a good reason :heart:

Very true, but God helps those that helps themselves so lots of intercessary prayers your way will certainly not hurt! I will send up prayers for you!

You are in my prayers.