OT: need opinion on a picture

Okay ladies. DH and I were at a wedding this weekend. A friend took a picture of us that I just love. For one thing DH actually consented to have his picture taken! It’s a miracle! But it’s a decent picture of me too. I’d love to have some copies made for our parents. But do you notice anything, um…silly? Anything that detracts from the picture?

Thanks for your help!

Maybe the smiling guy in the middle of you two?? :mrgreen:

It is still a great pic! :smiley:

ETA: I don’t think he detracts from the picture. :thumbsup:

I didn’t notice anything silly until I read that I should be looking for it! If it does bother you, you could maybe blur the background in photoshop or another similar program. It would give it a nice soft look!

great pic, didn’t notice the grinner till you said to look :wink:

It is a great picture! [size=2]Except for that guy with the tree growing out of his head. :wink: [/size]

These days, though, all kinds of things can be done to photos.

What guy? :wink: :roflhard:

Nice photo! :wink:

See! Yay Jan!!! :cheering:

Jan you truly are amazing!!!

Jan, I was totally going to do the same thing! :cheering: Yay bandaid icon tool thing (I’m so technical :rollseyes: ).

:smiley: Lovely pic…Okay, Jan…how did u do that?!

That’s so cool, Jan! Can you wipe out the entire crowd…maybe put Laura & DH with a nice beach in the background or something? :wink:

:cheering: Great work Jan! :thumbsup:

[size=1]I didn’t even notice he had a tree growing out of his head! [/size] :roflhard:

I didn’t want to say anything about the extra head in the pic. Wanted to see how noticable it was. I didn’t even see the tree growing out of his head either!

Jan you are amazing! That’s just freaky!


Hehe… I used Paint Shop Pro 9 (as always). I zoomed in and used the clone tool to move the trunk down and add a bit of car, and add some bushes and then I used the smudge and soften tools to blend a little. When I made it back to original size… voila! :lol:

:shock: :roflhard:

Clone tool! That’s what it’s called.
I love using it to get rid of dust on my negatives. :rollseyes:

BTW, how do you like PSP 9, Jan? I have 8, but I might upgrade to it when 10 comes out. :rofling: I’m too cheap to buy the current ones. 7 disappointed me for some reason. I started with 6 and I think I still like it the best.
Photoshop is nice, too, but I only use it in the labs at school.

I love 9, but I don’t remember how much different it is than 8…not a whole lot as I recall. The vector tools work a little differently and some people complain about that, but I’m sure once you get the used to it it’s fine. I don’t use them too often anymore so I have to think a bit when I do. Overall I do like it a lot though. I started with version 5 btw.

PSP X is out now and I want to upgrade because it has more photo stuff. Just haven’t done it yet. The upgrade is $55 for the d/l version.

:thinking: Maybe I’ll actually buy X, then. Thanks for the info. :smiley:

Judos to you, Jan!! You really know your way around that prgram–I suspect it’s not cheap, though, huh?? i have Photoshop Elements, and it hs a clone tool, but I’m not as adept sd youare!! THe beach scene is killer , too–especially the gorgeous couple IN it! Love it!

The full version of PSP X is $79, but I’m sure the older versions are cheaper if you can find them.

PS Elements is supposed to be good and can probably do as much as PSP. You just need to learn how to use it. I’m sure there are tutorials on the internet somewhere.

Thanks for the kudos!