OT: Need a thesis statement for my speech class on knitting!

I need help in generating a thesis statement for my speech class! At first, I was going to talk about how to have a successful job interview, but a friend suggested it would be better doing it on knitting. It would be better if I talk about something I’m interested, right? I just can’t think of what my thesis would be. Any ideas? Anything would help a great deal! The thesis assignment is due tomorrow!!! I appreciate all your guys’ help! :smiley:

I should restate the question: What does knitting do for you?

Knitting is so benficial for overall health that it has the same benefits to the body as yoga.

That’s a good idea. Thx! I will include that. I was going to say something relating to how people turn to knitting for: creativity, enjoyment, therapy, etc… :smiley:

How bout this? From the first sentence of Zen and the Art of Knitting “Knitting a sweater is a trendous act of faith.”

Or from the Joy of Knitting Companion. “We live like most of the rest of the world now: with the threat of sudden violence. Without descending into blind sefl absorption, lets investigate and renew some old virtues: duty, charity, simplicity. In other words, let’s knit”

And from Bebbie Stoller’s Stich and Bitch “I knit therefore I am.”

Thx feministmama! You’ve given me great ideas! Now, I have to start working on a step by step process for a 5-7 min speech. If there are any more ideas…it would be greatly appreciated!!!

I am not sure how to put my ideas into a statement. But I am always amazed that in the US we are so removed from the roots of all things, through pre-packaged media, that we find the chores of third world nations to be “relaxing” and seek these chores out as novelties.

I never thought of it that way. We have become so involved in knitting and showing off our finished projects, like “Wow! I knitted this!” Putting ourselves higher than others (even though I know we don’t mean to). In reality, knitting is a chore in third world countries, which some (or maybe 50% or more) of it is based on their living and way of life. Knitting in the US is such a trend now, that the history of knitting is perplexed.

Don’t forget to look at the history of knitting article on Knitty this edition. And I’d talk about how knitting is a stimulant for the mind, as well. I use knitting to calm my ADD enough so that I can pay attention.