OT-Need a photo editing program-Any recommendations?

I’ve never posted pics in my posts before, and finally decided it was time I learned how. :fingerwag:

I’m borrowing my ds’s Kodak Easy Share, as it has more mp’s than my digital. I don’t like the Koday Easy Share’s photo program, though. I’m sure it’s fine for some, but for me (computerally challenged), it’s not user friendly. :wall:

I have a card reader to download pics from ds’s camera into my computer, but I realize I first need to size down the images. I’m guessing I need to download a photo editing program. Does anyone have a good recommendation? :pray:

well i think Picasa’s is pretty easy to use. doesn’t do anything fancy but still pretty easy. i also put pretty much everything i want to post somewhere into www.Photobucket.com. you can make them smaller right there on their site too plus they will host images for you so if you want to put something that you have on there on to this site you can without having to worry about anything besides it being Gi-Normous on here.

like this is one i have on photo bucket…

(aren’t they cute?!) but you have to have the photo downloaded onto your computer before you can put it in there. can’t download directly on to their site.

Thanks, BrendaJo, and they ARE adorable! :mrgreen:

Here’s a good free one: Irfanview

I also PMed you wth some more info! :smiley:

I just logged into photobucket but all my photos look really small (but when you click on them, they look bigger). I must have bad picture posting karma or something

heh, IRFanview is a pretty decent program, I have used it in the past, though nowadays, I use photoshop CS 2. IRFanview is pretty cheap, okay, so it’s free. But a decent program nonetheless, who says you can’t get anything for free these days?

I like Adobe Elements…some of the photshop stuff without the $100 price tag. If you do the download option at adobe, its $10 cheaper…$89 I think. Not free, but a LOT of cool features. Besides…you’re saving all that money by not buying film anymore, right?