OT: My Yarn Was Literally Trying To Kill Me!

Last night, I fell asleep while knitting (“make time for yarn everyday”; even if you’re exhausted) and this morning when I climbed out of bed, I had yarn encircled around me multiple times - like I was a mummy or like an umbilical cord. So I’ve concluded that it was trying to kill me because I cursed at it so much. I guess it was tired of the abuse.
So, moral of the story: don’t sleep with your yarn, and stop cursing it, because someday it will retaliate!

Keeping the knitters safe,
Old Skool


Glad that you survived Yarn Wars!

I have this same battle with my covers every night. Each day I make the bed, and every night I got to sleep and wake up with the covers somehow wrapped ridiculously around me, in now way that they were when I went to bed.

:open_mouth: I will not stop cursing my yarn, for my sailor mouth is my very essence.

I don’t get my yarn trying to kill me a lot…mostly random notions-like pins D: The worst in the house is my cat.He literally slaps me in my sleep expecting me to drag myself out of bed to go chase him around and play “tag” when I’m [I]clearly[/I] out for the night. Damn that flawless night vision of his.

Don’t sleep with your yarn?

NOW you tell me!

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Thank you for my laugh of the day. Sounds like something I’d do!


:rofl::rofl: Don’t sleep with your needles, either!:lol: