OT: my trip to NY and my obsession with knitting

So I get to NY and the first thing I tell my cousin is that I needed to go yarn shopping…of course everyone wanted to go shopping for other stuff firstm so tuesday i get desperate and beg my cousin and her grandma to take me to one of the yarn shops nearby…the nearest one was Yarn connection and to my dismay it was closed!! butttt the day after that we went to soho and walked all the way from canal street to Purl Soho in the cold weather, and I finally bought my yarn!! pictures will be put up when I come home…I bought some cashsoft, peruvian wool, merino wool, Lornas laces shepherd striping socks, Manos hancrafted dyed yarn, and another Rowan wool that they had on discount…anddddd a Stitch and Bitch Knitter’s guide book…not just only that, but on our way uptown riding the M5 bus we met this wonderful lady who was knitting a gorgeous vest with alpaca, we talked all the way to 42nd street…she was such a nice lady…and then today! watching the tv, I saw Amy on Knitty Gritty!! on HGTv…people here think i’m crazy obsessed with knitting…but hey! maybe I am!..I’ve already taught 3 girls here and they loved it!

Oooo! How exciting!! I wanna come shopping too! LOL! I’m so happy to read you are getting your fill of yarn. Don’t forget needles and books and needle cases and blocking pins and and more yarn and … ooo I’m droolin’! Have fun girl! I can’t wait to see pics! Is it terribly cold?

It is!! very cold…but nothing a good coat and a sweater can’t fix :smiley: well I bought today some dpns, I wanted to buy circular ones but I couldn’t find any at the yarn shop I went to…and well i’m all out of cash! buttt i did get to buy a few more skeins of yarn today and i’m ohhh so glad with what i bought at Purl Soho
Edit: oh and I would recommend the store to everyone!! people there are sooo nice! and they’ve got some wonderful yarns! :smiley: and they’re not too expensive!

What kind of yarn did you get?

You won’t be cold for much longer. Nothing warms the soul like YARN! :cheering:

The funny thing is that NY and lots of the states have been unseasonably warm lately. I know it’s cold for you. :teehee:

I went to Purl Soho on my last trip to NYC, too. It’s the tiniest yarn shop I’ve ever been in, but they do well on optimizing their space, and they carry nice stuff. Congrats on your yarn haul!

I was about to make a joke, and then I realized that it actually was cold on Wednesday. I don’t think it cracked 40…the rest of the week has been unseasonably warm, though.

I haven’t hit up any NYC shops yet. Usually when I go in it’s to see my friends, and we’re focused on food. We plan trips into the city around which restaurants we want to try. :rofl:

Rowan cashsoft, Peruvian wool, merino wool, Lornas laces shepherd striping socks yarn, Manos hancrafted kettle dyed yarn, and another Rowan wool that they had on discount