OT: My Thursday night

Stupid drivers who decide to turn in front of you (coming in the opposite direction) late.


:shock: Oh no! Are you OK? Gasp You didn’t hurt your HANDS did you?
(That’s my worse nightmare!) I guess you must be ok if you’re posting it. What a PITA, though.

Are you ok? Was anyone hurt? Were you wearing your seatbelt? What a cute car! I’m so sorry!

DH & I were in hospital under observation & for xrays until about 2am.

We’re both fine, in that we have no broken bones, but are both very sore. I have some bruising where the seatbelt cut into my chest, and it will continue to come up for a week or so.

Hands are fine, and in fact, knitting is about the only thing I can concentrate on, as I’m finishing up a tote which is stockingette in the round, so it’s a very zen knit.

Oh jeez… i had a similar kind of accident about 7 years ago… a 17 year old turned immediately in front of me - couldn’t stop. :rollseyes:

I hope that you’re ok and didn’t smack your head or anything… And i hope your insurance will give you a stylish rental while yours is being fixed…


I am glad that you both came out of it with little injury! Try to relax and recuperate as much as you can!

WOW! I’m so glad you two are ok!

:frowning: I’m glad you weren’t hurt badly- I had a similar seatbelt injury years ago when I was hit head-on by a UPS truck- it was sore for quite a while, but better than the alternative had I not been wearing the seatbelt. Hope you feel better soon…