OT: My son's birthday present. (Warning!)

We’ve wanted one for years, and finally, DH agreed. He’ll be building this guy’s own custom enclosure in the next week or so.

He’s a Burmese Python, just 4 or 5 months old. We’re all excited about our new family member. :happydance:

FYI, this wasn’t a spur of the moment purchase. A lot of thought and thinking about the future was put into it. We’re all dedicated to caring for our new friend… through all the years, and feet of him! :wink:

Sil, he is gorgeous!!! What did your son name him?

He hasn’t named him yet. We don’t know if it’s a male or female yet because it’s too young to be probed (that’s how they determine the sex). Taylor wants to know before he names it, but may decide to name it anyway. But, for now, we’re just affectionately referring to it as a “he”.

He could name it “Hiss” so as not to place any expectations on gender orientation. :lol:

“Belt” was my second thought, but that one is naughty don’t share that with DS, but I couldn’t resist. :doh:

My 5yo loves reptiles. We won’t be getting any. I would never be able to catch one to put it back in its cage. The Rochester Zoo has a LARGE albino python that got out of its cage in the reptile house the night that a troop of Girl Scouts was having a sleepover there. :rofling: Apparently, he was very friendly. No Girl Scouts were eaten.

awww hes just a baby!! he can be broped now. you could prolly do it with your fingers… maybe. i’ve seen it done on a baby with the pinky!! i got my boas when the were 5 months (female) and 3 months(male) and they were both determined before we got them. they are 3yrs now and i’m a little scarred of them. been biten to many times. DH wants to mate them. they both have one albino parent. so he is hopin to get some albino babies :rollseyes: DH made an enclouseure for the female. its about 3ftx 2ft. its huge. but we can’t put both in there to mate cause its not big enough so well have to be coming up with a new one soon! besides the male needs a new new anyway. i would like to know what kind of enclosure you all come up with plus all the details of it so keep us posted on the progress!!! :thumbsup:

how are ya’ll about feeding it!!! wait til it gets to the full grown rats! EWWWW!

Wow, great gift!! :thumbsup:

LOL Sara. Don’t feel bad, I told Taylor he should name him “Boots”. :roflhard: Maaan… they’d be some purrrty boots! (J/K of course)

Carmell, that’s awesome that you have snakes too. I might be PMing you if I have any questions. The guy at the pet store told us to bring him back in a few weeks to be probed. He said that if you probe them too early, it could damage the reproductive organs, so they wait just to be safe.

We’re not squeemish about feeding him. I’ve seen bigger ones feeding before, and truthfully, we all think it’s very interesting, even my daughter who though the baby mouse was the cutest thing ever. lol He had his first meal (at home) tonight, and all of us (the 4 of us and my mom), stood around the tank watching wide-eyed. And me, the shutterbug, with camera in hand. :wink:

Now if you had posted THAT picture first, you would have had different initial reactions!

I’ll let my grandson keep his king snake at his dad’s. I’ve held it and I’m not afraid of it–I just don’t want to be responsible for it.

:roflhard: Yeah, it’s not a pretty picture. At least I didn’t post the one of him constricting… although I don’t know which is worse. :thinking:

I think he’d eat Howie & Pebbles… :shock:

can i be the one who says it? ACK! When i was a nanny the last family i worked for had one little girl and all the rest of the kids were in college. Their son came home for christmas with Clyde, his python. Delightfully he kept Clyde in his bathroom which i didn’t know until i walked in one day to get something and turned around and saw him sitting there on the shelf (i swear he was looking at me and licking his lips! :wink: ) Well a few days later Catherine came running into the kitchen where i was making her lunch. “Nanny! Nanny! Hurry up…Billy’s feeding the snake!!” Ugh…how do i tell her no thanks when i don’t want to trigger her being freaked out by anything…yeeesh. That was a lot of fun to watch. Billy (who was essentially my age) just sat there and grinned at me cuz i was the reason the snake was hidden in the bathroom…it was the room i was least likely to go into…lol I don’t miss Clyde! :rollseyes:

:shock: ohhhh my son would love that but noooooo snake coming here I freak out over spiders :shifty:

I’m glad your son is enjoying him thats wonderful!! :happydance:

:shock: GAHHH! :shock:

Here’s a pic of someone I met in New Orleans last year…
[size=2](Please note I look horrible and shiny because it was pouring rain)[/size]

Great picture Kelly! :cheering:

Isnt he PRETTY??? His tail was a blunt, scarred MESS…the owner had rescued him, I dont remember from where…but he was REALLY sweet and curious…

He is gorgeous!! :heart: Our little guy has a great personality too. Also very sweet and curious. Man, we’re all falling in love with him. DH says he’s “gonna build him a castle!”

There is a pic of me in my high school yearbook of me with a boa constrictor around my neck…I LOVE that pic…never have been afraid of snakes, just of spiders…