OT: my ring shopping fun!

So I had an Opal engagement ring, which I adored! I knew how fragile they can be, so of course I took every precaution. I had come to terms with the fact that it would potentially break in a year or 3. But I remained cautious and hopeful… But then there was a freak accident. I slipped and went flying. My hand smashed really hard on a wall, and the stone broke. Luckily the setting was very strong and the stone remained in place. Just definately broken. So today we went ring shopping while we were at the mall.

At first we plunked $140 down on a very nice blue Topaz with diamond accent, yellow gold ring. I liked it, and it had to be sized so they gave me the paperwork and $25 three year warranty, and told me to come back in 10 days. After a few other shopping excursions I got a bit curious, and checked out Peoples…

It was the first ring I looked at in the store and I just new… it was THE ring… I didn’t think it possible but I liked it more than the opal… and opal’s are my favourite stone. I was doubtful it was even a topaz, it was probably a cheapo stone that’s got the hardness of soap… and if it was a strong stone… it was probably way out of our price range. Nope. It was a beautiful, oval cut, 3 stone Topaz ring, in white gold, on sale for $100 and Tax free!

I immidiately checked my reciept for my other ring, and it was a 30 day money back guarantee. So I tried on the new ring. It fit. A perfect size 7, I could take it home today. Warranty was only 20 bucks, for a LIFETIME, and it covers the stone. So if I should break this one or lose it, I get a new one. So of course, we took this ring home with us, and right after got a refund on the other.

I never thought of myself as a girly girl, or anyone particularily attached to jewellery, but when my engagement ring broke, I quickly found out otherwise. Fortunately my fiance was extremely understanding, and the first thing he said was let’s go ring shopping… Anyways, here is a pic…

I am not a big fan of the topaz stones but that ring is gorgeous…the color in those stones is amazing! congrats!!

That’s really pretty! Blue topaz/turquoise is my birthstone. :wink:

beautiful! and, congrats! :heart:

Congratulations on your engagement! That’s a beautiful ring.

i am an opal girl too, my birthday is in october, and i have just always loved them. i have had lots and never had one break though. but, if i had to have something different, that ring would be it! blue is my favorite color, so that would be perfect. way to go, it is gorgeous!

btw~ have you ever seen black opals? omg they are gorgeous!

I have never had my opals break either but it amazes me cuz i am about the world’s clumsiet person! :shock:

(Have you seen FIRE opals? I look at them all the time but keep telling myself I don’t NEEEEED one… I think my willpower is only fueled because I don’t like the settings I find them in… :roll:)

Yes I LOOOOVE black and fire opals! So gorgeous! And if you get any other opals, try to get them from Peoples because they will cover the stone with the warranty. Most places just cover the setting.

I have had 3 opal rings in my life and 2 of them broke. The first one that broke, I honestly have no clue how it happened so then we took it to this really nice jeweler (no clue why I did that :wall: ) got it fixed after about 2 weeks came home, started to make dinner and reached up to open the cupboard and BAM!! I hit my ring finger on the door. :doh:

I just stood there too scared to look at the ring, knowing full well it was broke. Finally after about 20 seconds I looked and sure enough, broken. :pout:

I was so mad at myself. I still haven’t fixed the ring and it’s been about 6 years. I just can’t bring myself to spend the money to fix it only to have it break again.

The first one I had went through torture and never even chipped, and then I got 2 bad ones, or maybe I just got clumsier :rofl:

Opal wearers beware!! They sure are beautiful though and I do miss looking at it.

Are y’all October babies? I had a woman tell me once that opals are cursed for anbody not born in October. She went on to tell me all the trouble she had after she got a gorgeous opal ring. She finally threw it out and that was it.

Don’t know if ya believe in all that stuff but from the stuff she told me it is hard not to believe.

[color=orange]uuh…game time![/color] :out:

Yep. :star:

I’m not an october baby, and neither are my 2 SILs, but my sister is (halloween).

my parents got the 4 of us Opal necklaces for Christmas 2005. My opal totally fell out. i think it was set too loose to account for the expansion of the stone. my sister’s cracked in half.

so my parents had them remounted. I wore mine for about 20 min and the opal had popped out again. :wall: I gave it back to them to have it remounted again and i still don’t have it back. I think they finally gave up. :shrug:

I’m sorry about your opal ring. :verysad: But your new ring is just beautiful! My favorite color is blue, so I’m partial to your blue topaz ring! :teehee: A couple of years ago, I got a London Blue Topaz ring accented by Swiss Blue Topaz stones, and I adore it…the color is very saturated and deep (I am addicted to wearing rings more than any other jewelry piece, so I’m always on the lookout for new ones).

I think you’ll find that topaz is a pretty resilient stone. While I don’t wear mine every day (the setting is kind of high which can make it difficult for every day use), I don’t baby my jewelry, and it’s been fine. I think topaz makes for a great wear-every-day stone. Congratulations!

And for you October babies, opal isn’t the only stone for you–tourmaline (maybe pink tourmaline?) and rose zircons can also be used, which are also very beautiful stones, although I think that rose zircons may be hard to find. <sigh> I often wish I had more than 10 fingers for finding rings to put on them! :oops: :teehee: (it’s peridot and/or sardonyx for me)

OPals have a high water content. If you live in a dryer climate you should water your opals. Just keeping them in a container with a wet (damp) cotton ball will work. When the opal gets dry a slight hit will crack it.

Interesting :thinking:

Your ring is so beautiful! :heart: Congratulations!!

Interesting :thinking:[/quote]

yup 'tis true. That is why they are so pretty. The more water the more color basically. I had boyfriend type person once who was a jewelry maker and he told me that as long as you keep wearing them they shouldn’t lose their color and SHOULD be less inclined to crack. unfortunately that doesn’t stop accidents from happening. :verysad: