OT: My oven's gotta go!

I’ve known for the last few months that my range was dying a slow painful (for me) death. As things went wrong I kept dealing with them to avoid spending the money on a new one hoping maybe I could find a second hand one if someone was doing a remodel…well Christmas Day I pulled out 3lbs of cream cheese, dozen eggs, cream, and set to making a cheesecake for dessert with all the family at my house. 2 hrs later I was left with a burn cheesecake flavored custard !!! :hair: If I was stronger I would have flung the stupid thing out the window. Worst of all the one I picked out to replace it isn’t in stock so I don’t even get instant gratification…I have to wait until Thursday for the new one which means to baking something to take to dinner with us at a friend’s house New Year’s Eve !!

Ugh, that stinks!! Our stove is on it’s last legs as well…the top is literally falling apart (and I DO mean literally!!) Hope you love your new one :slight_smile:

I’m so glad I’ve never had be the one to discover the oven was dying through MY baking. My aunt ,however, did have her roast ruined by our old deceased oven.(I used to live with her.)My brownies came out fine, but that’s probably just because I’m so OCD about checking my baking every two seconds.

I guess at least you and my aunt didn’t get the omni-extreme-rude-warning like my new neighbors downstairs.They had to call the fire department because the thing had “f****** [blown] up!!”, as they put it.There was cooking grease(with nasty bits of food) and batter all over the place that flew so far carpet needed to be replaced and parts of walls repainted.I’m not one to look on the bright side, but not having your oven explode food onto the walls and carpet is a nice upside to a lost roast.I’ve heard of toaster ovens blowing up and oven doors blowing up,but until then never the [I]entire[/I] oven. [B]This was also just days before the building’s safety inspection.[/B]

Having all those ingredients would make me crazy, especially if it was for other folks.

Hope the new one works perfectly for you.

I had to replace mine recently, too. I kept hoping that it was just me messing up the recipes, but after one too many mess ups, I decided enough was enough. My sister found a fabulous deal for me at the online GE Outlet store. I LOVE my new oven and hope you love yours too.

WOW - I love how quickly my new stove heats things up and boils water … even though I didn’t spring for the PowerBoil element. Guess my old one was worse than I thought. The oven is running a little hot so we bought an oven thermometer today and will calibrate it this afternoon sometime. I already made a new cheescake and it is far better than the last one : )

Glad you like the new toy, nice to have something brand new and really efficient, isn’t it. My stove is a bit hot, but that’s OK, I like to bake breads that way. Is this a stove/oven appliance, or is the cooktop separate.

Ooh, just went back and read your post, answered my own question. Time for bed!

be very, very glad that your husband didn’t do what mine did when my oven went on the fritz!

Mine decided not to cycle through anymore (all on or all off) so he set it to stay on through a baking cycle. For 10 years all mine did was broil! I’d have to prop the oven door open with various implements in order to adjust the temperature! So, for 10 years, that’s what I did.

Then, when my oven was tired of that, it tried to set my house on fire! (LITERALLY!)

That’s when HE decided we needed an oven.

MoniDew - your husband sounds like my FIL. All their appliances are broken in one way or another and he “fixes” them. MIL isn’t much of a cooker.
Luckily, my husband likes to eat enough and knows I like to cook/bake enough that he is willing to spend a little money to not listen to me #($@)#@ about my broken oven/stove and feeding him tomato soup and grilled cheese for a week without fresh cookies or a pecan pie for Christmas may have helped : ) And as I said previously - my botched from scratch cheesecake was the nail in the coffin for the old one - hubby loves his cheesecake.

Glad the replacement is far better. Although my oven is brand new I’m not impressed.

Oh, how I WISH! We went 10 thanksgivings, 10 christmas’, 10 years of birthdays, etc. with me trying to cook and bake in an oven permanently set to broil.

Now, about that fence falling down in my backyard for the past 17 years…

Hope you get a new stove soon. I suffered with my misbehaving one for several years now. First, the light kept burning out after 24 hours…then the burner elements went one by one, got replaced. The inner baking coil broke…etc. etc.

Yesterday we went out and looked at dozens of new stoves in the nearby malls. Bought a brand new GE - it’s got everything I’ve ever wanted: self-clean, no burner elements, just that glass-looking top; it’s also a convection oven, which means it has a fan inside to circulate air and provide even baking; last but not least, the coil element inside is hidden behind a removable panel. So if I continue to burn fruit pies, they won’t spill out all over the heating coil and stink up the house.

We get it in two weeks. I can’t wait.