OT: My other 'Hobby'

Before I ever even thought about picking up a needle, I was a potter. Of course I am still a potter, “Once you get clay on your hands, you can never wash it off.” but it’s been a while since I’ve been at it. If you are curious here are some examples of my work:


Also if you would like to see who taught me the art of the potter, go to: www.pleasanthillpottery.com (Tom Rohr) May he rest in peace.


Stunning! I have always wanted to learn to do that!!! You are very talented!

That is one thing I miss about living in North Carolina…pottery! Great work and I hope inspiration always finds you.

Beautiful work! Absolutely stunning.

Wowzers! I was never good at pottery. So I envy those who are.

Clay? :?? Oh, you’re a clay potter. :sad:

Here I though you might be another Harry Potter fan. :shrug:

Nothing wrong with clay though. I enjoyed the ceramics class I took at University. :thumbsup:

Too bad I’m not on Facebook, I couldn’t see your work. The Pleasant Hill Pottery site had excellent photographs in the galleries. As a one time yearbook photographic editor I was disappointed by the total absence of captions for the gallery photos.

Can we thump Jack for that bad pun? Or smack him with wet yarn… wool yarn?


What pun? I was speaking of the literary “Harry Potter.” :roll:

igklico, doesn’t seem to have an over abundance of hair (if the avatar is igklico). :shrug:

Gorgeous work! Thanks for sharing!

Angela R:
Anyone CAN become a good potter, it just takes years of practice. I spent a whole year just learning the basics, and another year refining my techniques. The first 3-4 months are the hardest, that’s why so many people think they can’t do it. My pottery mentor, once told me that he avoided making handles for five years, until his studio boss locked him in a room and said:“you can’t leave until I see a beautiful handle.”