OT- My Mom's Pregnant Dog

So, my mom’s American Staffordshire is in the last week of pregnancy. We’ve been watching her like she’s a ticking timebomb ready to explode. She just looks at us like we have issues. Well, we probably do since we’ve done nothing but stare at her abdomen watching puppies wriggle around :teehee: I keep trying to remember back about five years when people kept wanting to rub my pregnant belly and how annoying it was. When I was in my last week, I had a complete stranger in Wal-Mart run up to me and ask if she could rub my belly (what, am I Buddha, or something?!). I said, “no, but if you have a hairbrush in your purse I’ll let you scratch my navel with it.” She walked away confused. LOL

Anyway, last night my mom called my sister (who is a vet tech) and asked her some questions and my goofy sister didn’t have answers for them. Her only response was, “mom, it’s your problem. You’re the one that got Penny knocked up.” :doh: So, in addition to my numerous responsibilities I have volunteered to help with the Penny labor vigil and assist once the puppies are born since my sister has offered no help. She told my mom to call her if anything happened - unless she is at work or it’s in the middle of the night. So, I hope if any complications do arise that it’s between the hours of 8 and 11pm :wall:

Ah well. Just needed to vent a bit. We’re all a bit anxious around here waiting for the arrival of the babies.

Well, at least she asked first! I had people from church (so not complete strangers, but still) not even ask! :teehee:
Anyway, good luck with the puppies, I have no real advice, but it’s a really neat experience to watch little animals being born. :hug:

Good luck w/ the delivery…I’m a pretty straightforward and emotionless person (so dh and bff tells me) when it comes to anyone other than my family and so it was really funny when I was preggo at work…I really don’t mind the tummy rubbing but you could tell no one wanted to touch me for fear that I’d break their arm or something. We had one secretary (who is a nut anyway…) that would make a bee line for me when she saw me just to rub my tummy…she said people at work would ask her if she was “afraid”? LOL… :roflhard:

Please post pics of the puppies when they arrive–I just love puppies!!

OOOOHHHHH PUPPIES!!! I want to see them too! How lovely to have the chance to see them born, too. I used to watch my cat have her kittens, mostly because she wanted to have them in my bed, each time, and if I didn’t get up and sit with her, she’d get back on the bed and ignore the baby basket that once was mine. Are you knitting the puppies little sweaters and socks? :teehee: samm

good luck w/ the puppy watch! I’m surprised your sister didn’t agree to help… usually vet techs love animals! :?? :teehee: I hope we get to see pics of the pups. I looove American Staffordshires!