OT: My husband

Ok I have got to give kudos to my husband…the man who would never dream of picking up some needles and yarn.

From the time I started knitting, my husband has been one of the biggest helps to me.

For example…
I am knitting a shawl that requires a US19 for the body and US35 for bind off…Im [B][I][U]not[/U][/I][/B] buying a US35 for [B][I][U]one [/U][/I][/B]project. Enter my husband: The engineer. He goes and gets some pvc pipe that will fit over my US19 needle and sands it down for an angled edge that the stitches will slide over and voila…ive got a bigger needle to bind off these stitches. Now, I dont know what size that was…but it was bigger than my US19 and that was the point.

That was just the most recent example of the way he “modifys” stuff to make it work for my needs at the time. And his endless ideas of what i could do for a given situation.
He also is my biggest critic about colors and workmanship.

I hope all of you have someone around that helps you in the ways my husband does…!!!

KUDOS BABY!! I love you!!!

That’s so sweet of him! :yay:

My DH does the same thing. I needed a cable needle and he took my needle gauge and went and made me one out of rosewood. Then a few months later I needed a different size so he did the same thing, but this time out of purple heart. He’s always willing to lend a hand when I need something. :thumbsup:

Well done indeed! Grill that man a steak when the weather gets warmer. :wink:

My husband is good at that sort of thing as well, however, being an engineer, he usually tries to break things to fix them. I’m not encouraging him any more than I have to.

I’m a beginning knitter and while we (he) were watching TV the other night I was trying to figure out a new pattern.

Having difficulty and trying over and over again to get it right, I heard my hubby comment from the other side of the room,

“I didn’t know knitting was a contact sport!”

We both got a laugh out of that, and yes, I finally figured out the pattern after I set it aside and went back to it! :woohoo:

What a special man you have there! I think that is awesome!

My own wonderful DH, while he is talented enough to make needles for me, he hasn’t gone that far yet. However, he is the first to say…“Go ahead, take that class” or “I think you need some more yarn. Do we need to go to the yarn store?” He also listens as I work through pattern problems out loud. Or encourages me when I show him a WIP.

Aren’t we all so very lucky to have such wonderful support!:grphug:

Your husband sounds like a dream! Can we clone him? Just kidding…almost… :wink:

Alright, what a guy! Your hubby sounds like mine. Must be the engineering blood they share :wink: It sounds like we are both blessed! I always use his powers for color when I’m picking out colors for an afghan or quilt, his color sense is waaaaay better than mine.