OT: My dog is sick! :(

My Bailey has had diarrhea for 2 weeks now. :pout: I went to the vet with a stool sample and they didn’t find anything bad; but something about a little bacteria to indicate that something wasn’t right. So after spending over $100 on the tests and the medication (Flagyl) she finished it on Sunday. On Monday her poops were pretty good, then I gave her a little more of her dog food (she’s been on chicken and rice and yogurt for 2 weeks now) and that sent her right back to square one. :verysad:

So I called back on Tuesday and got some different medicine (probiacin) which has worked for her in the past, but for some reason it’s not working this time. It’s only a 3 day dosage that cost $20. (sigh)

We are so frustrated with all of this, plus we feel so horrible that she’s not feeling good for such a long time.

Does anyone have any advice for me? She never gets sick like this, only when we board her and we didn’t board her this past christmas.

I’m at a complete loss, help. :frowning:

Have you changed her food recently?

Could there have been a change in the food she is used to? She may have developed an allergy or intolerance to one or more of the ingredients.

Could she have eaten anything other than food that may be causing problems? Anything from the trash, etc?

My first thought is that it’s something with the food. The do occasionally change the formulation and that can mess up their digestive system. You may want to consider trying some gentle or prescription food to see if it helps.

Talk to your vet about these and any other concerns. I’m sorry she’s sick. It’s so hard when they can’t tell you what is wrong. :hug: :hug: :hug:

Nope, no food changes at all.

I once had a dog that had the same problem for a long time. I think they decided it was coccidiosis, even though she was an adult.

Maybe she picked up something weird outside? :shrug: Has she lost weight?

Not that I know of. She’s kinda “broad in the beam” as my father would say. But she is part hound and they are a bit thick in the middle. :teehee:

She acts fine until she goes potty, then she’s a little sad looking, but then she perks right up when we have food out. I know she’s okay when she’s still begging for food. I just don’t want that to stop because then I’ll know she’s really sick.

I don’t want to feed her anymore tonight since she just pooped out what I did feed her at 6:00. She is drinking water so that’s good, but why is this happening???

Any vets out there? Vet techs??? I need some direction.

Ask the vet if it could be something about the food, maybe she’s becoming intolerant of some ingredient.

My elderly cat (15.5yrs) was having major issues with vomiting, etc. We took her to the vet and they did a bunch of tests and found nothing. They gave her a shot to calm her stomach and intestines and told us to give her baby food. It worked and she hasn’t gotten sick nearly as much now. I know it’s not the same thing, but my point is the food she was eating started giving her problems for no apparent reason. :shrug:

I hope you figure it out. :hug:

I’m so sorry for your dog :hug: I know how it feels to have a sick pet. Try giving her rice and chicken again, or even better (when you suspect food-intolerance) rice and fish. When she has normal poo again, don’t swich to normal food at once, but do it slowly, so her intestines can adjust to the other food. I hope your dog feels better soon :hug:

[color=indigo]My heart goes out to you, because Bailey is suffering and so are you. I am a life-long dog breeder and a human MD (not a vet), so I surely can give you no definitive answer. But, some things to think about include: (a) possible partial intestinal obstruction; (b) coccidia; and © intrinsic bowel diorder.

A: Does Bailey chew and swallow lotsa non-food objects? If so, partial obstruction is definitely on the rule-out list. Appetite is usually preserved, and they can continue to pass watery stools around the obstruction. Tests would include abdominal xray and/or a Barium swallow xray.

B: Tough to diagnose. Often treated empirically.

C: Would need a thorough gastrointestinal workup. Although possible, this is not as likely as A or B.

Beyond these, unfortunately, just about any type of infection is a potential culprit. But, a good vet should be able to work through this diagnostic problem step by step. Meanwhile, some meds to suppress the symptom may be cautiously administered. If you suppress the symptom completely, the possibility finding its cause becomes remote.

I hope this helps you a bit. It is so painful when the little ones cannot tell us what hurts where.

Best of luck to you and Bailey. Feel free to email me if I can help you in any way.

Grace and Peace,

Landolphe[/color] :heart: :heart:

I also have cats and not dogs at home, but my first thought was that it’s probably the food that’s the problem. Or an intolerance to it, which can happen at any time.

As was already mentioned, it’s possible that the dog food company changed the ingredients to the dog food and that she is intolerant to a new ingredient. Unfortunately, cat food companies do this fairly regularly…and the changes are rarely for the better. (They’re usually changed to make the manufacturing costs of the food cheaper, NOT healthier). Go online and google the dog-food company…or look for a toll-free number on the packaging. Ask them if there has been any changes recently. There is probably some kind of lot number on the packaging, so they can tell when it was manufactured.

I would also say that it would be a good idea to go back to the chicken & rice & yoghurt and try s-l-o-w-l-y mixing in some dog food, a little more each day.

I hope she gets better soon!

:heart: :hug: :heart: :hug:

Have you considered leaving her on the chix/rice/yogurt mealplan? Perhaps phase out the yogurt and add a bit of spinach or broccoli and a bit of powdered calcium and multi-vitamin…

Our 12-year-old dog had intestinal issues until we started making him human-grade food. No issues now (unless he eats concrete or something…) :hug:

:hug: :hug:

:pout: Poor puppy. I hope things get better for you and him/her.

I’m going to throw my 2 cents worth in here on things you might want to check.

Being the owner of a 1 year old chocolate lab, I have experience in the runners around here.

  1. It may be the food. Check with a good pet store and see what they suggest.

Our guy had the itches like you wouldn’t believe. Allergies, probably but I couldn’t see spending hundreds and hundreds on the testing. So the pet store owner suggested changing from the normal commercial dog food to Eagle Pack fish & oatmeal. That seemed to do the trick.

  1. Water? My brother’s dog is allergic to everything under the sun. Grass, meat, veggies, wheat. Oiy! Anyways the health food store mentioned to my SIL that she should try bottled or RO water for the dog to help with her itching. Seems to work. We’ve been doing that with our dog and he’s much better. It’s something with all the chemicals in the treatment of tap water.

  2. Treats? Our “knucklehead” loves bones & rawhides. Now we have to be really carefull because certain rawhides give him the runs and so do regular bones. I have no clue why but we try to limit what we give him and when. He had a bone one day from the grocery store (packaged) and he had the runs for 3 days straight. Poor guy.

  3. My MIL has owned many dogs in her lifetime and has always given her dogs bread and milk or water when they were sick. Seemed to work depending on the situation. I’ve also heard chicken noodle soup from the can (never tried it though).

Good luck! I hope things get back to normal for you guys! :hug:

Thank you everyone for the helpful suggestions. :hug: I hope to god it’s not her food seeing as she is allergic to everything under the sun.

When I think about it now, she did eat a bone (one without any junk in it) the night before she got sick, only a half of the bone though. But I would think that if that were it she’d be done with the whole thing now. She was having really good poops after the Flagyl, not hard, but not runny either. More like soft, but it had form.

So I wouldn’t think it’d be an obstruction of any kind, but what do I know about a dogs insides. :shrug:

I called the vet this morning and made an appt for her tomorrow morning, but the vet is calling tonight to see if I need to keep that appt or if we should try the Flagyl again or the acidophilus pills.

And she’s been on her newest bag of food for at least a month now :?? I think I’ll call the pet store where I bought it and ask if anyone else has had any problems with it.

Could she have gotten into anything odd at Christmastime? I know of a dog (not mine, thank heaven) who got up on a counter and ate a bunch of chocolate fudge…poor guy was sick for a long time.

If not something like candy, would there be anything else? Snitiching something from the garbage? My dog NEVER used to get in the garbage, but as she’s getting older, she’s started “garbage picking”. She especially loves getting out butter wrappers and licking them. Something in the yard, maybe?

I’m no pro, for sure, just trying to throw some things out there that I am familiar with.

I do know that once they have been off their regular food and on a bland diet, you have to make the switch very gradually…keep it mainly bland and add just a little regular stuff.

I hope she feels better soon…I know it is upsetting to have a sick pet. 10 times worse than being sick yourself. Hugs to both of you!!! :hug: :hug:

Thanks for the sentiment :heart: . The doctor called back tonight and said to try the Acidophilus pills till Monday and if she’s not better by then to call them back. I hope to god she’s better by then, her poop this afternoon wasn’t too bad.

I will add her food more gradually this time, I got a little to hopeful last time.

Ok, inquiring minds want to know. How is the puppy?

Better I hope!