Ot: my day

I was walking back to my van after my final today when I triped on a curb and twisted my ankle. I am the clumsiest person. I wasn’t even doing anything else while I was walking! I just triped! :doh: It is so bad that my foot is all swollen and painful on one side. uugh. The upside is that my hubby isn’t letting walk around which means that I can sit on my butt and knit while he does all the work. :wink:

ANyone else do something stupid like this?

I’m always doing something like that… lol the Friday before Easter… dh took off so I could get everything ready… I take off to go shopping… I come out and open the trunk… I lay my keys in the trunk thinking as I do this you better remeber to get them out… as I re-arrange the shopping bags so Easter goodies would be hidden … then I slam the hood shut… as I do so I remeber :doh: my keys… so I walk to the LYS call dh who is at home with 2 kids and no car seats but really isn’t surprised he is just surprised that I hadn’t done this sooner… so then I have to walk over to my friends shop hoping that for some reason they didn’t go to the flea markets which is an every Fri/Sat thing for them… :happydance: they didn’t so had to ask them to fetch my keys so I could get mine out the trunk and of course they were not surprised either cause its me LOL… :blush: I’m still being teased about it but I tease about it too… and now carry an extra key in my purse… this is just one of the many blonde moments I have… :rollseyes:

I really don’t like that I stump toe everywhere and for no reason that always has me trying to catch myself LOL… or you go to get something from a shelf at the store and it can be the top one and still the others will tumble out like you grabbed the bottom one… or shaving your legs with the protective cap still on and then wondering why your new razor doesn’t work… and burning yourself on everything you cook we keep an aloe plant in the kitchen for me… :rofling: mom got us a kitchen knife set but was told dh that I was not allowed to touch it with which he said… yeah I know… I agree… all I can do is laugh at myself when something like this happens although most of the time I’m wishing the ground would swallow me up :rofling:

Oh the stories I could tell…

How about walking into the kitchen and slipping on cat barf and twisting your ankle really bad! It hurt for a year afterward!

Or kicking a chair and breaking your toe so bad it’s sticking out at a 90’ angle!

Ugh…I sure hope your ankle heals soon! It’s nice to have some sitting and knitting time, but I know it’s a big pain in the neck errrr…foot as well! :heart:

OK…here’s one. It was the mid-1980’s and I was in my mid-20’s. I had a great job in NYC and went out at lunchtime to prowl around Sak’s and other 5th Ave stores. I remember feeling that I was ALL THAT and too cool as I sauntered down 5th (I shudder to recall the fashionably 80’s outfit I was wearing).

Suddenly and for no apparent reason, I fell flat on my A** right there on 5th Ave amidst the lunchtime crowd :oops: . This was no slight trip or stumble!! Talk about being brought down a peg or two (or twenty) and remembering to always be humble!!

No injury other than to my over-inflated ego!

Oh man, i wish i would fall or something so that i could sit on my butt & let hubby wait on me :shock:

LOL>>>nah, just joking, I hope that your ankle is feeling better soon, it’s terrible when your not well…sometimes you forget how lucky you are to have your health & then you catch a cold or trip, etc & then you really see how important it is to be healthy.

Take gentle care,
Rhy :heart:

:roflhard: :rofling: At least I now know I’m not the only one :shock: Okay, I fall sometimes bc of my bad leg & hip…but, I can’t even come close to blaming that on all of the clumsy things I do :rollseyes: A couple of years ago I was driving my sister’s SUV, I was getting something out of the back, the hatchback dealy was up, well, as I was closing it I got my head…I literally saw stars & have a dent in my head where it hit me :roflhard: :rofling:
And, my life is much like dusti explained…no one is the least bit surprised when I do something goofy, either :rollseyes: It’s funny…but a tad embarrassing @ times :rollseyes: My dr even knows about this & it doesn’t surprise him, either :roflhard: :rofling:
As I said earlier…I’m glad there are others :roflhard: :rofling:

I do hope that your ankle is better soon :wink:

I sprained my ankle walking to my car after a NASCAR race. :rollseyes: I was out of work for over a month–best month of my life! I wish I would do it again, because I hadn’t discovered the joy of knitting when it happened!

:heart: I hope your ankle starts to feel better soon! Enjoy your extra knitting time! :happydance: