OT my cat is missing-he's back!

I am really sad, it is cold tonight, around 10 degrees and I haven’t seen him since 10:30 this morning. It is very unusual for him to be gone for more than a couple hours and it snowed all day today anyway. Someone has been home all day so I know he didn’t come to the door wanting in. There are 2 options as I see it:

  1. He got hit by a car and is dead

  2. he got picked up by someone

option 2 has a few sub-options:

  1. He lost his tags and is at the Humane Society

  2. He lost his tags and someone decided to keep him

  3. He has his tags and someone decided to keep him

  4. He has his tags and someone decided not to bother calling me today.

I just wish I knew, I am having a lot of trouble going to sleep and I feel just sick. Last time he was gone like this he had been hit by a car and came limping home the next morning but he isn’t going to last all night out in this weather if he is injured. He has a limp (his last accident broke his leg and pelvis) so people who don’t know him are fond of taking him home and calling me very concerned. The most frustrating thing is that they are either in the same complex as I am or no more than 2 streets away and if they just left him alone he would come home (in fact, that is what I tell them to do-just put him outside and he’ll come home and he always has). I really hope nothing bad has happened to him and at the same time I hope I get some sort of closure if it has. Sigh. My kids are going to be up so early tomorrow and I need to go to sleep but I keep staying up, hoping I’ll hear him.

But I have got ds2’s sweater almost done while I have been up, just shaping the raglan on the last sleeve.

Dh is at work and somehow telling you all makes me feel like I am not sitting up alone waiting for Luca to come home. There needs to be a hug smilie…

Oh no… :frowning: keeping fingers crossed for you!

I hope your cat comes back soon.
I have some neighbors who let others animals into their house. My dog escaped from the fence on Thanksgiving morning… I yelled my head off for him, but couldn’t find him anywhere. I looked for hours… then all of the sudden he showed up… days later my neighbor said ‘yeah, he came over the other day and we let him in the house and he played with our dogs for hours’ I wanted to strangle him! I appreciate him looking after my dog… but not when I’m running around the neighborhood in the snowing cold weather yelling like a maniac for my dog!
Again, ((HUGS))

:heart: I hope you find your kitty!

:frowning: I hope you find him! :heart:


Kitty, come home for Christmas!!

happy positive thoughts for you and your kitty. I hope he comes home.

so far we haven’t seen him still. I am going over to the Humane Society in a few minutes. I wish they would talk to me over the phone just to find out if any animals were brought in yesterday. It is really snowing here and I hate to drive all the way across town for nothing.

:frowning: I hope your kitty comes back.

Poor kitty :crying: poor you :crying: Keeping good thoughts for you two to be reunited. :heart:



I hope he comes home. :frowning:

:pray: hope that kitty is home soon…

Well, I went to the Humane Society and looked at the cats there as well as the sick/scared/feral room and even one that had died being hit by a car but none were mine. I filed a report and will hope for the best. It is still snowing here.

Dh and I disagree. I would rather believe that he was hit by a car (the cat, not dh!) and have closure than think two weeks from now that he could still come home any day. Dh would rather believe someone liked him so much that they chose to keep him instead of calling us. Either way, he says, he doesn’t think Luca is coming home. I, personally, would rather believe he was dead than think that someone would be so cruel as to STEAL him from us. I don’t know what I am going to tell the kids. Our oldest is almost 4 and our youngest is 1.5, though very verbal and loves Luca so much. I’ll hold off a couple more days but I really don’t think he’ll be coming home. :frowning: I am REALLY upset.

(though I did finish ds2’s sweater this morning-nothing like worry knitting!)

Oh, I forgot to say that we still have no messages meaning no one has tried to call us about him.

Uncertainty really is hard. We all love our pets very much and when one goes missing its a pretty big impact. Cats are pretty resilient, I’ll continue to hope and pray for the best.

Oh no! I hope that you have heard something by now! I don’t know what I would do were I in your shoes! I can certainly give you this BIG HUG and pray that your kitty is safely returned.

Thank you all for being so supportive. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, I guess.

Hopefully he’s lying low by a fire, minus tags, waiting out the storm. :pray:

I am sorry also. I hope you get an answer. did you call the emergency pet hospital? Sometimes animals are dropped off from passer-bys to vet centers and such for help and they are treated and put in a cage till someone is located (that is if his tags came off)