OT-My brother is sick again

My oldest brother is sick again, he was diagnosed with aplastic anemia in March of last year. He ended up almost not making it, they gave him a blood transfusion and then he had immunosuppressive therapy and that seemed to work. He was told that his aplastic anemia could come back, and it may have. Right now they are running tests to see exactly what is going on with him and exactly what he could have. It may go into leukemia.The thing in is favor is they caught real early this time. Last year when he was diagnosed he was looked and acted real sick and today he was driving his truck. He was driving his truck when I was talking to him today and started to get upset so I told him to listen to the political shows on the radio and get all fired up about them! Tomorrow he is going to work on his car so that will help keep his mind off of what is going on for now. I can’t do much, I am on the other side of the country so I told him try not to worry about it, he can not do anything about it right now and I think the worry might work against him right now. Does that make sense? His son is real upset about this, he is going into high school and he went through the ringer last year and now it may be happening all over again. I talked to my SIL and she is starting to worry about what may happen and all that, I told her that she needs to be strong for my brother and their kids, my brother does not need to add to his worry that he would get from her. My other brother and I were tested to see if we were a match for him to have a bone marrow transplant and unfortunately we were not but they did find one later. The only comfort I have is that they did catch it real early, they already have a match and he is in better health this time. I pray that it is enough…:pray:

My daughters kindergarten teacher sends home a weekly recap every Friday and she found out that she has cancer in her collarbone but they do not know exactly where it started. UGH…

And tomorrow DH’s brother and wife are coming to stay with us for a month! Is it any wonder why I have not been able to knit for the past week or so…:verysad:

Wow, really sorry to read about all of that. Understandable that knitting wouldn’t be very high on your priority list right now.

I pray your brother will be ok.

:hug:Sorry to hear about your brother, that must be really rough for him and his family, and you too. Praying that all will go well for him. :hug:



I’m very sorry to hear this. Big hugs to you both. I hope he’ll make a good and quick recovery.

I hope everything goes well for your brother and he’ll get better :hug::hug::hug:

hugs, prayers, healing thoughts… all coming your way.


Sending prayers for your family and your brother’s.

I’m so sorry to hear that. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. :hug: :pray:

I just wanted to update you all. He is sick again but they are not sure what it is. They do know that he does not have Aplastic Anemia or leukemia, but they think it is treatable with medication. One of the meds they are not sure what side effects are but he doesn’t really care, if it helps him live, he will deal with whatever side effects there are. I just want all this over with, it is driving me crazy being over here and knowing all the “junk” that is going on over there, unfortunatly he does not have the most supportive people surrounding him right now. But whatever he has it is treatable…

That is just wonderful news! :hug:

Perhaps he (or you) could do some research about the medication he is taking. Find out what symptoms it is supposed to be working on and see if there are any nutritional alternatives. Maybe somehow, at least, he could at least offset the side affects.

Great news!! (Mods-please move this to the OT forum)
We know what he has now, it is called MDS or Myelodysplastic Syndrome. Basically the bone marrow and stem cells are malfunctioning. Patients with this have low blood cell counts in at least one or more of the 3 blood lines (red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets). And there are 3 different medications that he should be able to take to help him out. There is more to this obviously but I will get me and everyone confused by it all.

He is going to go to the University of CA at San Francisco next week to do tests and all that junk.

But he is better and they can treat him!!!:cheering::woohoo::cheering::woohoo:


So glad that the news in coming in favorable. In times like this all any of us can do is pray or think positive thoughts.

It’s always best to know what you’re fighting against- then you know which direction to go.

I’m thrilled to here he’s going to U of CA. I’m a big believer in teaching hospitals and hospitals that have a reputation. We live in the midwest in a small city (one that everyone has heard of) Anyway, a Dr said something was wrong with our old DD and that she needed some synthetic hormone treatment. Long story short we went to the Mayo clinic since it’s only 3hrs away. The Drs there said there was nothing wrong with our daughter and that they had never heard of the treatment the Dr here had recommended.

Sorry to go off on that tangent, I just feel very strongly about going to good to teaching hospitals and those that are on the cutting edge of science.