OT: My BBQ Had Babies!

Tiny Squirrel babies that is.

oh what a mess…

So today is a BEAUTIFUL day. I got off work early, and I decided to open the balcony for the kitties. They have been going stir crazy. So they are out and I am organizing the patio furniture and I look at the BBQ.

I remember last year we had a robins nest in it. The eggs were abandoned tho, probably after we opened the balcony and the cats scared off the momma. I didn’t even know till later in summer. (We aren’t big on bbq’ing ourselves. tho we love to eat it)

Well I open the lid to see if we had anything this year.

Well the nest had been covered over with insulation and material and a big furry black face jumped out. I screamed and tried to close the lid quick. But the squirrel jumped out, I closed the lid partially on her. She continued to jump, and then jumped off the balcony onto the cars parked below. And then ran up the tall tree in front and began yelling at me.

I look inside the fuzzy nest and see maybe 3 or 4 naked little squirmy babies.

My heart just broke. I hope she comes back. I hope I didn’t scare her off too much… I would hate for them to be abandoned.

ugh… any advice? I am HOPING and praying she comes back and grows em up good. They should be grown up enough for the REALLY nice weather. So I won’t have to keep the cats off the balcony for too long… I hope.

I’m not an expert - but I think most mammals will come back to their young once the danger has past.

It might be worth calling someone to find out though - We have the RSPCA over here in the UK - do you have an equivalent over there?

She may come back, once she thinks the coast is clear, but if she doesn’t you may want to call animal control.

You could try contacting a wildlife rehabilitator & see what they say. Here’s a link for some (scroll for Canada):


Good luck!

Did she come back yet? :pout:

A friend hand raised some squirrels that were found in her attic. She named them all after nuts-Mia (short for Macadamia), Hazel and Peanut. She did eventually release them into the wild.

I agree that the mothers will often come back. Closing the lid on her probably scared her badly though. Keeping fingers crossed.

I second whoever suggested calling a wildlife rehabilitator. My sister-in-law’s mother-in-law was one, and I’ve seen her bottle feed baby squirells before – she got me bottle (well, eye-dropper feeding) a baby bat too.

Here’s a directory of wildlife rehabs in the US. Don’t know how up to date it is, but it might be a good starting point: http://www.tc.umn.edu/~devo0028/contact.htm

Here’s another list: http://www.southeasternoutdoors.com/wildlife/rehabilitators/directory-us.html

I don’t know that I’d call animal control, though, unless you don’t have a better option. Some probably are there because they care about animals, but there are also people that have gotten in trouble and been demoted – they may not care so much.

Good luck with mama and babies!

I suggest calling animal control and let them deal with it. I don’t want to sound harsh, but many squirrels carry rabies and you don’t want your kitties exposed to that possibility. They can remove the babies and have them moved or taken care of.

momma came back! I tried listening thru the cover and couldn’t hear anything but a piece of straw sticking out started moving. So shes back.

The squirrels in my little home corner are super sweet and fun tho, I remember last years babies playing tag on the roof in june. It was adorable. lol. I am just going to keep the cats off the balcony. and soon as they are grown up we are getting rid of the bbq. My Fiance was actually going to throw it out yesterday. Haha.

oh well.

Me and my friends named them
Kestrel the momma, and babies, Joseph, Xavier Chipslice and Sir Pickles Pennyloafer.

I’m so happy that the mumma came back. Most will if you stay away. I’m glad the bbq didn’t get thrown out babies and all! I love the names you decided on too. Very interesting! Can you see from inside to watch them as they emerge from the nest? samm in Ontario too.

well, the bbq is directly across from the living room window, and the couch is right next to it. So when any squirrel starts to emerge the kitties sitting in the window will certainly perk up and that will let us know to check out the action,

I wish I could see inside the BBQ but I really don’t wanna frighten them.
I named Joseph and Kestrel myself (Kestrel is named after an online friend who LOOOOOVES squirrels.) and my friends decided on the other 2 names.

lol. I love Sir Pickles. I laughed so hard when she said that to me.

:heart: :heart: