OT: Moving!

Ok, I’m sure a few of you have done the relocation for job thingy so maybe you could provide some suggestions.

My 22 yo DD has just received a job offer in Arizona. We live in Michigan. After graduation from college, she rented a small apt, bought new furniture (LR, dining set, small bedroom furniture, the usual.) and is getting a new car in a few days.

She’ll be moving to AZ by herself ( :crying:

My husband is older and wouldn’t be much help in the moving, lifting carrying furniture. I’m not sure if her BF would be able (or want to) take off time to help her move.

Does anyone have any experience with these moving places where you pack, they drive and you unpack or they help you unpack?

She doesn’t have tons of furniture, but she also doesn’t have tons of money (We said we’d help, but within reason, ya know.)

Any Ideas? Her new company won’t relocate her. The job is a great stepping stone so we don’t want to pass by the offer. Who knows when or if it will come again.

I have used u-haul…and they had people that would load the truck, I packed the boxes of course… but they loaded the boxes, etc. then at the other end I hired people to unload, etc. U-haul set it up when I rented the truck. I had a dolly to pull car behind.

Also have used moving companies. CHeck different sites… I had a great deal when I moved from Oklahoma to Washington: I had an online bid, and another company beat it by 10%.

Hope this helps.