OT: Movie - Toothless

[color=blue]This is going to make me crazy. My daughter is looking for a song from the Movie to upload to her IPOD. Remember the part of the movie where Kirstie Alley is flitting around with her wand singing? The music is on here at the office and I can not think of any song except the one playing lol.

Anyone? Thanks in advance for my DD


I tried to track this down never having seen the movie. All I found was something that says the film is full of Beach Boys hits =( Can you give a hint? Lyrics or anything?

[color=blue]It is so hard to think of a song when another one is on the radio above your head. I went out on the web and searched for quite sometime but could not find the soundtrack or a list of music on the movieā€¦ thanks for trying to help. May have to shut off the music (make folks mad ha!) and try to come up with it. lol