OT: Movie Reviews

After [color=green]KellyK[/color], mentioned she wanted a review of Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy in my blog, I thought about it and decided I’d start this as a new thread that we can all use.

For movies I review, I’ll use the following format:

Movie Rating:

Review Ratings: (scale: 1 to 4. 1 is worst, 4 is Best.)
~ Overall:
~ Plot:
~ Characters:
~ Special Effects:

Review Comments:

okay i love movies AND love to give my opinion (people who really know me would have choked laughing reading that!) but do i have to do that much work?..lol. can’t i just say…ABC movie SUCKED? heh

You can choose to review it anyway you wish… and if all you say is “that movie sucked”… more power to ya! :wink: I’m just letting everyone know what type of info I will try and provide.

I watched Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie last night and part of HG2TG… so when I get a minute I’ll review those two.

well goodie then! I will start with the one everybody has been asking me about (btw…i swear i go to the movies nearly every weekend!)

[color=orange]The Exorcism of Emily Rose…[/color]
I went into this movie with two very different reviews from two friends i trust a lot. The one hates movies that are at all scary and i tease him all the time that he needs to remember to bring a girl with him to protect him from the scary monsters. the other friend LOVES scary movies and she sees about as many of them as i do) My friend who doesn’t like scary movies said “eh” in review of the movie. The one who does like them said it “scared the crap” out of her. I was somewhere in between. We all have said it is definitely worth seeing but i was hoping to be scared because i love that. I think that if they had taken a different angle to the telling of the story it would have been scarier. I think reading the real story of the girl is probably worthwhile too. Her real name is Anneliese Michel. I don’t know if it will ruin it for you or not. My one friend read it before and it obviously didn’t ruin it for her. I wasn’t taking any chances.

[color=red]overall i would say it rates 2.5 (out of 4) knitting needles [/color](but i have so far been in the minority on that…most i have talked to since seeing it have given it at least a full 3 if not 4)

On my list of movies this weekend is “An Unfinished Life” and “Flightplan.”

I went to see ‘Just Like Heaven’ the other night. I loved it!! I will definately be adding it to my DVD collection when it comes out! I would rate the movie a 4. It is a great romantic comedy!

oooh i saw [color=orange]Constant Gardner[/color] recently too.

let me say that this movie is deep. Can be hard to follow. Does have some twists that aren’t necessarily terribly pivotal to the story but still make it interesting. It is definitely a political statement whether it is based on known fact or not. It isn’t hard to believe that the message (against Big Pharmaceuticals btw) is true and i would suspect most definitely IS true in many cases though the evidence is probably very well buried.

The camera work did make it hard to watch sometimes as they were given to extreme closeups a lot! On the whole i did like this movie a LOT and will probably add it to my collection.

:XX: :XX: :XX: (there ya go…3 out of 4 knitters! :D)

Other movies i have seen recently…

[color=orange]Red Eye[/color] :XX: :XX: (i haven’t figgered out how to do a half there…if we were doing this on a scale of 1-5 so i had middle ground i would give it 3 outta 5!)

[color=orange]Skeleton Key [/color]:XX: :XX: :XX:

[color=orange]Must Love Dogs[/color] :XX: :XX: :XX: (and a half)

[color=orange]Charlie and the Chocolate Factory [/color]:XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:

[color=orange]Four Brothers[/color] :XX: :XX: (and a half)

(that’s all i can think of at the moment!) :thumbsup:

Charlie and the chocolate factory…sucked

Must Love Dogs…sucked

Broken Flowers… :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:

Ok… For my first movie review:

Movie: Pooh’s Heffalump Movie
Movie Rating: G
Producer: Disney (of course)
Genre: Kids Cartoon

Review Ratings: Scale: 1 to 4 (1 is worst, 4 is Best.)
~ Overall: 3 out of 4 Knitting needles
~ Plot: 2 out of 4 Knitting Needles
~ Characters: N/A
~ Special Effects: N/A

Review Comments:
The movie in my opinion was decent. It’s has the normal Disney style to it. Most of the same voices are used for the characters in this movie as the previous Pooh movies. The plot is ok, predictable, but hello… it IS a kid’s movie. If you like watching movies with your kids, it’s a good option. Disney adds enough subtle smart aleck remarks in there that even adults will get an occasional chuckle. Like always, Disney throws several new songs in there, but nothing that I thought was really catchy.

One redeeming quality about the DVD is the Bonus Features. The first option is a game that probably won’t be much use for kids, unless they are older, it was somewhat confusing and didnt work well on our rental DVD, but there are some other cool bonus features included. Based on comments made while you are surfing through the Bonus features, I suspect that Disney has set up the DVD with software that runs on your computer. (They talk about printing stuff.)

Can ya be a LITTLE more specific, Femmy? :rofling:

I kinda agree with feminstmama about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I didn’t think it totally sucked, but I’m HUGE fan of the original, and the book, and this movie was just…well, different. It was a little truer to the book, but that’s not always a good thing for a movie. I liked Gene Wilder’s interpretation of Willy Wonka MUCH better than Depp’s. Depp’s was a bit too much like a certain freakish Jackson-brother, and I think that took away from the character.

I just saw WIT. OMG, SOOOOOoooo good. Emma Thompson is pure genius in this movie. I totally give this one :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: . :thumbsup: . too!


Emma Thompson - sigh! :inlove:

“Julia” :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:

“Sideways” negative :XX:

SOOO excited because I took out Nostalghia today from the college library - LOVE that movie! My DH hasn’t seen it yet (it will be the 7th time for me! :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:

the last few movies from Netflix…

Oceans Twelve :XX: :XX: and 1/2

I :heart: Huckabees :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow :XX: :XX: and 1/2 - I loved the style of the movie, and appreciate the inspiration, but the chemistry between Jude Law and Gwenyth Paltrow sucked lemons

Tonight is the French Connection…stay tuned…

OK, The French Connection :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:

Does anyone remember what commercial “sampled” the car chase from this movie?? It was done recently, maybe last year? I wanna say for a wireless company, but I can’t remember.

I don’t get to the movies hardly at all I wait till they come out on DVD or Directv puts them on LOL sooo can ya rate any movie you last saw or only current ones :thinking:

Miss Cong. 2 well I couldn’t wait till this movie came on cause I loved the first one and well thats weird for me cause I typically do the old Hollywood era films and feel like modern movies just fail completely in comparison with acting and plots… This one wasn’t as good as the first which I have seen so many times I have it memorized I would only give it :XX: :XX: 1/2

Kitty Foyle~ Starring Ginger Rogers made in the 40’s and I really like this movie… Its not your typical love story kinda has loops in there give it :XX: :XX: :XX:

12 Angry Men~SOOOOO good!! I really enjoy watching this movie whenever it comes on so wonderfully done just around these 12 men…
So I give it :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:

Thats all I’ve seen lately although i’m thinking tomorrow I’m gonna watch The Women while I work on the baby afghan or a purse for myself!! :wink:

Movie: Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy
Movie Rating: PG
Producer: Touchstone Pictures and Buena Vista Entertainment
Genre: Sci-Fi

Review Ratings: (scale: 1 to 4. 1 is worst, 4 is Best.)
~ Overall: 2.5 out of 4 knitting needles
~ Plot: 2.5 out of 4 knitting needles
~ Characters: 3.0 out of 4 knitting needles
~ Special Effects: 2.5 out of 4 knitting needles.

Review Comments:
Don’t Panic!

If you don’t like English humor, do NOT rent this movie. This is definately done in the same style as the book series. I must admit that it has been YEARS since I read the book and some of the stuff they covered in the movie was stuff that I went “Oh Yeah…” But from what I can tell/remember they haven’t taken too many liberties.

Do not plan on knitting during this movie unless you are VERY familiar with the book. You will need to watch it pretty closely, as it tends to jump around. (The book was the same way.)

For me, this is not a ha-ha movie and I’m not sure that i would ever buy the DVD.

Can ya be a LITTLE more specific, Femmy? :rofling:[/quote]

Hmmm my post didn’t go through. Anyway, I said something like Johnny Depp is a creepy Micheal Jacksonish and all the special effects were just that. Effects. They didn’t really add to the story. I felt the whole story was a little flat. There was no substance. Whereas the 70’s version, Gene Wilder was very dynamic. He had FEELING without being creepy. All the characters were characters not devices to keep the plot going.

Must Love Dogs. Also flat. Although I must admit I like Dinae Lane (I love her in anything) amd John Cusak. The story was weak. I guess those mushy love stories dn’t do it for me. Just something to pass the time. Pretty rich white people with problems, WWAAAaaa…

Broken Flowers was Excellent. Bill Murry carried the tension of the plot very well. I like slow movies too. You can feel along with the characters. I aslo Love Jim Jarmush (sp?).

So some of my favorite movies?

Deloris Clairborn :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:
Excellent story, great acting, well filmed.

Shawshank Redemtion :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:
Excellenet story, how often do you get to see men have feelings for one another? Great acting, well filmed, yada yada yada

All That Jazz :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:
I mean it’s Bob Fosse, of course it’s excellent

Amelie :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:
Also my 9 year old sons favorite. It’s just a funny, feelgood movie that doesn’t have all the syrup all over it.

One more: Ordinary People :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:
I watch this when I need a good cry

OH also good crying movie: Contact :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:
Jodie Foster RULES!!

well i just came home from “[color=orange]An Unfinished Life[/color].” I think this is a beautiful movie. Morgan Freeman’s character is very similar to his character in Million Dollar Baby, Robert Redford played the guy you just expect him to play, and Jennifer Lopez was surprisingly not annoying. As usual, the little girl is the glue that holds the whole thing together. It is fairly similar to Legends of the Fall i think which is another movie i enjoy a lot. I can’t say that the story is unpredictable but i still loved it. i will definitely be adding this one to my collection and i do believe that Morgan Freeman will likely get a nomination for his role.

:XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:

AMELIE is one of my all-time favorite movies!! I used to play the soundtrack to DD when I was preggers, and we still play it for her at night to put her to bed. The whole movie is just eye-candy, it’s so beautiful.

I :heart: Amelie too!! :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:

It’s one of my faves. I adore Audrey Tautou, she’s a great actress. Happenstance was good too. Apparently she’s going to be in the DaVinci Code too…I might actually have to go see that.