OT-Missing Family


Some of the crafting blogs know this mom, Kati Kim. And her dh is James Kim from www.Cnet.com. I don’t know them, but I’ve been praying for them and their friends and family. I knew I could ask you to pray for them too. I wish there was a way I could help more.



They found them this afternoon!

edited to say,
OMG there was a statement on the site that made it sound like they had found all four of them. But have only found the mom and girls. Which is wonderful!

Please pray for James. The Daddy set out from the car on foot two day ago.

Thanks for posting this…it’s the sort of thing that could happen to any of us and our families. James and his family is in my prayers.

I heard it on CNN last night and remembered your post. Great news, except for the Dad still being missing. I hope they find him soon. :heart:

WOW! I didn’t know this was a national story. I’m in Oregon where all this is going on. I was so sure they were all dead. It was such good news to hear mum and babies all alive and well. Now lets hope they can find dad. It is sooooo treachurous up there in those mountains. At least its only in the 40s so he may have a good chance. Crossing all my crossables. :heart:

I was excited last night when I heard they had been found… then realized one was still missing… I heard this morning they were following tracks… I hope they find him safe and sound…

FM, I learned about it Sunday night while jumping through craft blogs. And had been concerned with it ever since. But my mom did say its on National news now. We have been praying ever since. Yesterday was so awesome when they found them.

Yes Denise, That could have been any of us. I think that is what overwhelmed me.

I don’t remember the last time I prayed so hard for complete and total strangers.

And to have so many strangers praying together for this family has been an experience.

LOL I pray for you guys all the time, yall arent strangers.

I feel the same way! :heart:

what is going on? i know somebody is missing…i dont know…i dont catch on too quickly.

A family of four went out and got caught in a snowstorm. The dad left to find help, and while he was gone, the mother and two girls (a baby and like a four year old) were rescued–they were burning their tires for warmth.

This is all from my mom, who heard it on the news. I had no idea it was this same story! :pout: I hope they find him soon.

pants matching the description of what James was weariing have been found


I hope they find him, that’s just horrible.

Isn’t it incredible that the mom nursed the kids the whole time because they had no food?? The human body is so amazing. :thumbsup:

According to the site just now, they found him, but he did not make it.

So, so sad.

– The dead body of James Kim – who left his wife and children in a snowbound car while he went for help – has been found in the Oregon wilderness, law enforcement officials confirm.

That’s so sad. God bless the family through this tough time.

Aw…That’s sooo heart wrenching.

I’ve been following this story too. So, so sad… :verysad:

I heard it on the radio at the dentist’s office. :pout: Bad things happen to good people all the time, but somehow this story is extra heart-wrenching. For those of you who know Kati through crafting blogs, please keep us updated on how the family is doing. :heart:

I agree, my heart is just so very sad for Kati and the girls and so proud of James. This article http://news.com.com/2009-12-6141617.html sums up what kind of dad he was. When I was doing a search for news before they found James I came across some personal things she wrote about him, and was so touched that she knew what a great guy he was and that she was writing about it.

They sound like such a neat little family who were happy and knew they were blessed.

How easily any of us could be in that situation.

I do know that they are getting together “something” through