OT Missing Child scare!

Why did my son not get off the bus coming home from school! i had to call the school and he wasn’t there then they called the bus and she said she would bring him back… guess what his reason was He FORGOT to get off the bus! :rollseyes: how can forget to get off the bus. this was his second day at a new school! its not like he knew anyone on the bus so he wasn’t busy running his mouth or playing. who knows maybe he makes friends that fast! :oo: my nerves are shot.

What a HORRIBLE feeling! I know of a child who fell asleep on the bus and was left at the bus depot at the end of the driver’s run. Now the drivers are required to search the bus before leaving.

I’m glad he’s OK.

Glad everything turned out o.k… How old is he?

Could he have fallen asleep? Maybe he didn’t realize it was his stop. Don’t be too hard Mom, I know it is scary, but from your post he seems unharmed.

Do you have year-round school? I was just wondering why he would be in school in July. When we move, July 31, the boys start school on Aug 2, well they are supposed to but may not start til the 3rd or 4th.

he 6 will be 7 in Oct.

i wasn’t hard on him :inlove: i told him next time he sees his stop go by to tell the bus driver! he said he saw mewalking up the dtreet and yelled to me! :rollseyes: i told him i can’t hear him… kids he had no clue how i was feeling :frowning:

they go year round. the have a 3 week break in the fall, for Christmas, and Spring break, then a 6 1/2 week summer vacation. its ok i guess. its hard coming off the long breaks to get back in a routine.

Whew! I’m glad he’s ok. I know that’s scary. I had a scare a few years ago that turned out to be a case of a bonehead teacher.

I was picking up my kids from school, waiting in the parent pick-up lane. School let out, and my son showed up on time. But I was still waiting for my 2nd grade daughter. The teachers told me to pull up so I was out of the way of other parents. Eventually, most of the kids had been picked up, and I was still waiting for my daughter… a good 20 minutes after school let out.

I wasn’t waiting another minute. I got out and my son and I started asking about my daughter. Another teacher said she was probably just doing stuff for the teacher and would be out soon. I was starting to panic because no one knew where she was. It turns out her teacher kept her after school (in another classroom) for talking during class, and didn’t bother to tell me, or anyone!!

When I confronted the teacher, I asked how long she was planning on keeping my daughter. She said she was going to keep her for an hour.

AN HOUR!?! Without telling me??? A 2nd grader?? Just for TALKING? :shock:

I blew up at that teacher, telling her that she had some nerve deciding to keep my daughter without telling anyone. I told her she wasn’t keeping her any longer, OR ever again. I took my daughter and went straight to the office to tell them.

Last I heard, she only got a warning. :evil:

o please they don’t ever do anything to the dumb teacher. they just look at you crazy cause you got upset. how are you going to keep a child knowing their parent is waiting and for an hour! :rollseyes:

omg, even just hearing the story and not actually feeling the full intensity of fear is too much for me. I am so happy to hear that he is okay. I read the last part of your post first because I couldn’t stand to read the first part without knowing. The adrenaline from not knowing and the relief for finding him must have been very hard on you. What did you do to relax?

knit!! :happydance:

but i wanted to kill him first! :inlove:

Carmel, Praise and thank God that your child is safe!! I canNOT IMAGINE how you must have felt!!
I wish we had had year round school when my kids were in school, as did my youngest child. She said they would have to spend a great majority of the beginning of the new school year while the teacher had to ‘re-teach’ those that didn’t absorb the info the 1st time around…a lot of wasted time.
good for you, Silver! I was never one for biting my lip where my children were concerned in school. OMGOSH, My youngest’s soph. year in high school there was this English teacher that everyone (well, lots of the kids) thought was so ‘cool’ bc of the way he talked with them, etc…well, he was a pervert…he used to tell my CHILD that she looked hot & went up to her on day and felt her pants & said this; my daughter didn’t tell me this for some time; needless to say…I took care of that!! The principal acted as if it wasn’t a big deal & I EXPLAINED to her that the man was a PREDATOR (I had also gotten stories from several other kids at school about him) and that she (principal) would handle the situation or I would have her job as well as his…he no longer works there, and from what I understand can not find a job as a teacher…thank God!! We, as parents have to be very vigilant; I grew up with the “Leave it to Beaver” home & neighborhood, where you could play outside & ride bikes after dark, etc. I was very sad that my kids couldn’t experience that. Sorry…didn’t mean to go off on the tangent…it happens

See it is sad that we as parents have to worry about TEACHERS hitting on and trying to have sex with our children girls and boys. I remember last year i had several teachers tell me how handsome my child is. i know it may have been harmless but with Mary K married to her former student… you never know these days!

I had a thing similar, but was on the other end…

This past school year, I did daycare for a 5yr old and a 7yr old. One day after school, they showed up and the boy had a little friend along. They were talking like it was a playdate, and really I wasn’t surprised that the mom hadn’t informed me because it wouldn’t have been the first time that she didn’t tell me pertinent information. So we went on and did our afterschool things, when I got a phone call from the school secretary asking if we had a boy there that shouldn’t have been there. Uh, yeah, I do. Apparently it wasn’t a playdate, they had wanted to arrange a playdate but these two boys took it to mean that it was happening TODAY. The busdriver obviously was clueless, and the mom of the friend was freaking out of course because her child didn’t get off the bus that day.


I’m glad your little guy is okay. Give him an extra hug!

I’m glad your son is OK. Ahh, kids and buses…

One day when my daughter was in Kindergarten, I wondered why her bus was 40 minutes late to drop her off. We live in a huge school district and the bus schedule can get whacky at times, plus the phone number to the dispatcher is busy 99% of the time, so I just waited. And when the bus finally arrived she was the only passenger on it; the driver sheepishly said he discovered her sleeping on the bus after he parked at the depot. He made her sit up front after that. And she still slept on the bus up to around 3rd grade, but that one incident was the only time she was missed.

He’s my tale:

My dad is a school bus driver for kids pre-k to 12th grade in a small school district. He knows everyone and everyone knows him. He takes time at the beginning of every school year to learn all of the names of the new little ones, where they live and meet the parents. On the first day of school one year he saw a little boy waiting to get picked up but he wasn’t on my dad’s list so dad just drove right on by. When he had go back to the school the little boy’s mom called in and said that she had forgotten to let the school know that her son would be starting school that year. So the next day, the little boy was on my dad’s list and dad stopped to pick him up. When the little boy got on the bus he quickly introduced himself before dad could start driving and said “Now why the hell didn’t you pick me up yesterday?”

He was 5 or 6 back then and just got married last summer. They’ve been friends since that day and even exchanged Christmas presents. It’s my dad’s favorite story to tell when people ask him about his job.

It’s nice in a small town when people know each other but I can’t tell you how many times my pop has stepped in to help when kids get confused, lost or parents need help.

“Now why the hell didn’t you pick me up yesterday?”

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

i am curious how you forget to tell the school your kid is starting! :thinking:

I can’t remember the exact details but I think she had called the school but not the bus garage. Some kids never need to ride the bus so that would make the need for a second call.

Yeah - they probably do it all in one call now but you never know. We’re talking about Amish country up there!

aaah well that makes more sense…i just was thinking she forgot to register her kid and expected it was okay to just send him :shock:

of course i rode the bus for most of my school career growing up on the farm. i had a few crazy bus drivers who always made me wonder if we were going to make it home but i don’t think that anybody got missed when i was in school. not that i recall anyway. i use to fall asleep on the bus all the time though. of course most of the time my trip was over an hour long …7 miles from town with an hour bus ride…yeesh

wow that was nice nap time! i would have loved a hour long ride in high school!

you all have some interesting stories! i hope this is my first and last!

anyway the stop was already to far away and i think he didn’t recgonize that part of the nieborhood soooo. i asked the bus driver was there a closer stop to my house she told me no and to call the school to have. cause i noticed that everyone was being picked up in their driveway or close to it. i couldn’t even see my house anymore when we get to the stop. so i called the school and of course she had a know it all attitude and told me there was a stop acroos the street at the stop sign. i told her no there it isn’t on the schdule on the door at the school or on the web site. so she went to check and i was right so the changed it an now i don’t have to walk a country mile to the bus stop!!! :cheering:

I’m glad he got home safe and sound, albeit a little late!

We had custody of our grandson for about 4.5 years. Once our daughter finally figured out what it was like to be a responsible human being and settled down, we agreed he could go live with her. This was shortly after she married her husband. The first thing they did was move 2.5 hours away…just south or Portland, Oregon!!

Anyway, at our house, he had always walked back and forth to school as it was just four blocks away. At his new school, he had to ride the school bus which was scary to me as he had just turned 8! The first day went fine, but the second day, his teacher insisted he was supposed to ride on a different bus than he was in line for and put him on the other bus. Now, I know I am prejudiced, but Tyler is a highly intelligent boy and he knew he was in the right line. He gets on the bus his teacher put him on, not wanting to argue and get into trouble, and when the driver got back to the bus lot, there he still sat, only child on the bus. Thank goodness the driver checked the bus, because he found him sitting there all alone and asked him why he didn’t get off the bus. He told him because he had not gone to his stop. Well, he did not know his new address, having just moved there, but he did know how to get home (he is very good w/directions) and directed the bus driver all the way to his house where he was dropped off at the front door!

I was quite proud of his mom when she told me how she handled it with the teacher the next day. Thank goodness we never had a repeat of this!