OT-MISS UNIVERSE! Who's watching?

They’re just about to name the top 5- I hope Japan wins!

Who do/did you want to win?

Switzerland is my favorite, but Canada could repeat, and Ukraine is just so exotic-looking! Overall, it’s a gorgeous group of 20. I have no idea who will win!

I totally forgot about this–I wanted to see Mrs. USA’s dress…who won?

hah, you want to see it for the same reason I do–because Kayne of Many Colors designed it! :roflhard:

Yeah, who did win?

I just saw on GMA that Miss Puerto Rico won and passed out shortly after winning. They blamed it on the lights and that her dress (made of chains) was very heavy. seems reasonable i guess! :wink:

I went to the miss universe website and the picture of Miss USA’s evening gown was NOT the gown that Kayne designed on Project Runway. I’m very disappointed.

:thinking: The evening dress Miss USA wore last night was the one that Kayne made on Project Runway.

Maybe they just don’t have a picture of it. :shrug: Okay. Thanks for letting me know. I would hate to think that poor Kayne got gyped (how the HELL do you spell that word?) out of the publicity. Oh that’s so cool. I love Kayne.

let me just say that i am NOT proud that i went looking for this :oops: but there is a pic of her wearing the dress on the Yahoo picture slide show. it is definitely prettier than Paraguay’s! :rollseyes:

hahah! That’s great.


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yep–I was looking for the dress for that reason too. Interesting…Puerto Rico’s dress was made from chains!!!

That’s the ONLY reason I tuned in- was to see if she actually wore the dress. What was REALLY funny though is that my DH said, “well great, now I know who won” to which I replied, “since when did you start watching PR?” :shock:
He’s always watching sports, ESPN, & Fox News - I didn’t know that Bravo & PR were on his must see list :??

I wonder how many people only watched the Miss Universe competition to see if Miss USA wore the dress? :roflhard: And I read that the winner fainted because her dress was tight and heavy with beading, not chains.

whew cuz as many times as i looked at that dress i wasn’t seeing chains…lol. I don’t know where i saw it but i think it had to have been GMA or yahoo this morning that said chains because they are the only place i looked. :thinking: