:pout: I’m sorry to do this to ya’ll, but I just need to whine a little. I have poison ivy, and I’m so miserable. I used some cleanser to remove the oils from the rashes, but now my skin is dried out, and I don’t know if I’m itching from the poison ivy rash, or the dry skin. I asked my husband if he’d just shoot me, but he won’t. :pout:

Maybe some Vitamin E lotion would help? Moisturize and help the skin heal? :shrug:

:muah: Oh you poor thing, I cant say I’ve ever had the experience, but I feel for you.Hope you feel better soon,Amy

Oh I really feel for you. Glad your husband wont shoot you… he would get into trouble if he did :wink:

Could you ask for advice at the chemist for a cream to sooth and take the itch away?

I use pain patches and they drive me mad :grrr: so I know how you feel a bit. Itch Itch Itch.

Well its nice to meet you sorry you have such a horrible problem.

Kind regards
(just unwound my first hank of wool!!)

:hug: :hug: it sounds awful =( I read to stop the itching with poison ivy you should use hot water but it didnt sound too appealing to me!

Hope you feel better soon :muah:

Here is some info with home treatment suggestions. Take care and hang in there!

:verysad: sorry jdee. get well soon. :hug:

That bites! :biting: :pout:

You might try one of these and see if it helps heal it quicker!
Poison Ivy/Oak treatments

:hug: Oh man. You poor thing. That really stinks! Try Ivy Rest it reallydoes help. Feel better soon.

Nadja xxx

I hope you feel better soon!

So sorry.

A friend who gets it often swears by the hot water.

I’m so sorry that you are itchy. I remember my mom putting me in a bath of Epsom salts when I had gotten into something itchy when I was a kid and it really helped! I’ve also heard that Aveeno helps.

Oh, I’m so sorry! :hug:
I hope you feel better soon!

how horrible for you, I’ve never had poison ivy, infact I don’t even think we have it here.

If you don’t mind sleepiness (and if it’s okay with your doctor), try taking an antihistamine like Benadryl. Your body’s release of histamine is what causes the rash. Then put some hypoallergenic lotion on the rash. Just be careful that you don’t irritate the skin more, and it should ease up soon.

Hope this helps!