OT: Minnesota heat wave

I can’t believe it’s 98 in the SHADE This is northern Minnesota poeple we are not used to this :shock: And muggy.It’s been like this for 4 or 5 days.I had to work in this yesterday,OUTSIDE. Today I’m sitting on my butt knitting clogs for DH (got yarn with wizard ) and enjoying the air conditioning.My MIL lives in a trailer and its 90 in her house. :shock: I tried to get her to come over here but she says shes fine sittng in her chair in front of the fan and small air conditioning unit she has.Guess I won’t complain when it’s cold this winter :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

We’re getting your 90+ heat and humdity this week. My hubby works outside and I get so worried about heat stroke. Plus he’s diabetic. I hate it this hot. It’s been hot and humid this past week, but only in the upper 80’s, now we’re gonna get it!!!

It’s been over 90 most days for the last month. Yesterday it was 99. Fortunately we don’t usually have much humidity, but there have been a few days when we did and it was awful. NO A/C here either! :shock:

I think I’d kill myself!!

I think I’d kill myself!![/quote]

It’s been close. :roflhard: Just kidding! We have learned some tricks to keeping us relatively cool and sane. We open up first thing in the morning and turn the fans on everywhere. This gets the house as cool as possible…when the temps start going back up even with the windows open we close up and turn out any lights not necessary. This results in a cave like dwelling, but it remains relatively cool till about 3pm then all bets are off. We open up when it seems about even inside and outside and cool it off as much as we can before we go to bed. Every day. I must say though that this is pretty unusual for us. We don’t usually get this hot till late August and Sept and it’s only a few hellish days then. I don’t know what is up with this weather… global warming? :??

I can’t say where I’m from yet, but let me tell you, it’s been hot and humid the past few days here! I don’t like it one bit. It makes me feel ill and not like eating very much. I just need to remember to keep drinking lots of water!

Jan, I can’t believe you don’t have AC :shock: .I thought everybody in California had AC.When I lived in Duluth MN ,Lake Superior was our AC :roflhard: .It’s even this hot next to the lake.I’m about 50 miles from Duluth now . The bugs have been really bad this year ,too.Deer flys,horse flys,mosiqtos,no see ems and these little florescent green bugs. Poor dogs they can’t get away from the bugs.Use bug spray on them but them bugs just keep biting them.I keep them in the house most of the time.Anyway hope everyone stays cool

I guess it’s bad everywhere. I live in KY and it’s going to be horrible, horrible, horrible this week. I want to move onto an ice flow.

Some areas of CA are hot enough to require it, but some are lucky enough to get ocean breezes. I live just far enough inland that it does get hot some times of the year. We looked into A/C a few years ago and the citys requirements were insane so we would have had to put the unit out front because our yards are so small and there wasn’t enough clearance or some such thing. :rollseyes: It’s been pretty bad this year so we are again halfway looking into the newer “slim” units.

And bugs… :shock: Another reason to live here…very few bugs!! I can be out at dusk for my walk and have no problems. :wink:

ETA: It was 125 yesterday in Death Valley if it makes you feel any cooler… :lol:

Here it’s 93°, 69% hum. and feels like 108°.

I am in north San Diego county and according to the Weather Channel on my computer, it says it is 88 with 47% humidity. I have a temp/humidty “thingy” (can’t figure the correct word for it is?) in my house and it says that it is 81 and 70% humidity so on goes the ac!

We put the ac in our house a couple of years ago as the old '55 heater finally broke so we thought what the heck, add the ac unit and I am glad we did! Although the other night I should have had it on all night as in our house with the windows open it hovered around 75-80 with all the ceiling fans going!

I guess this might be a test for me as we are moving to the east coast where I hear there is more humidity than here…wonderful!

Well, its 95 right now and the dew point is at 65 degrees. So its quite drippy out and our a/c has been on for days now. I shudder to think what that bill will be.

We also close up our house/apt into a cave-like dwelling. I finally put up some towels in the kitchen windows as it is a western exposure. :shock: Between 2-6 its absolutely unbearable. It helps quite a bit actually. I’m just the type of person who loves opening the windows when I can :crying: its been wayyy to long.

Its hot. no news there… but we hit over 100 for first time in 1000 days… why wait till saturday to break that record I don’t know. With the heat index it’s over 108… tomorrow a cool spell, down to 99… I’m not laughing. I always say I love winter, fall, and spring… summer forget it… Then in the winter everyone says they love summer… I’m reminding those now and they aren’t so happy. I just wish the humidity would decrease & we could actually get some badly needed rain. I can tolerate summer if humidity is low, but this is riduculous. Another reason all knitters should be indepentdently wealthy to afford nice coool place to knit all summer. Try to keep cool everyone and drink plenty of water… we need all the knitters we can get… don’t want to loose one to dehydration or heat stroke… take care all… just think…60 days till fall!!! :XX:

I know, I said to my hubby, just think in 6 weeks it’ll be September!!! I can’t wait. :happydance:

It finally cooled off today :smiley: Only in the 80’s. A nice wind also so got to have windows open ALL day.I’ts suppose to get in the 40s tonight :happydance: The dogs are loving this weather The weather man says no more heat waves!!!I also love Fall.I can hardly wait so I can try out my new sweaters :smiley: Stay cool everyone.

I live in Texas. Enough said. It’s ALWAYS like 95+…the winter is hot also. :roflhard:

[color=indigo]My DH has devolped a very intricate way of keeping the house cool… always. Due to many medical conditions I have, I am NOT supposed to get hot because my body cannot sweat. I also have trouble in the cold, but not as much as I have in the heat. Since I can get heatstroke so easily my DH devised a plan which we stick to religiously. He has the weather channel bookmarked on his computer and checks it every morning around 6am to see if the meteorologists have changed thier minds about the temperature outside. He looks at it hour by hour. Then he compares their numbers for our area with the actual temperature outside (via our thermometer outside) and adjusts the ‘predicted temperatures’ upon which he’s planned his whole day. At X temperature with the sun being in Y quadtrand we open windows A, B, and C but absolutely not window F. We have an AC window unit in our family room (the room we spend the majority of our time in) because that’s where I am qutie a bit, and because our 8 comps are in there running non-stop… and they shouldn’t get hot either. For some reason my bedroom rarely, if ever, gets too hot. It’s usually degrees below the other rooms in the house.
Someone had mentioned putting towels in their kitchen windows. We use these silver insulation sheets you can get at Home Depot. We just cut them to the size of our windows/skylights, and it keeps the sun out very very well. It also keeps the house warmer in the winter. I don’t know the exact name of it, but I know that it works like magic! We even affixed some to our garage door (leave room for air between insulation and door) and the garage is kept qutie a bit cooler… the garage has to stay cool because my husband’s music studio is in there and, well, heavens forbid that the equiptment get too warm!
I’m now starting to wonder if all the insulating and airconditioning is actually for my advantage or for his toys! :??


ps. sorry about the novel… it’s a bit late. When it gets late I tend to blab a bit more that normal.[/color]

The weather man lied :doh: It’s in the 80s and muggy again. Hope everyone is staying cool :smiley:

We may be suffering, but just imagine what our troops are going thru in Iraq and they are fully dressed with bullet proof vests, etc. and carrying other stuff. I don’t feel I have any right to complain.

I know I shouldn’t complain :crying: I have a step son training in California right now to get ready for Iraq in Oct.He’s a door gunner in Army helicopter. Haven’t been able to talk to him in 2 weeks to know how he’s doing but I’m sure hes hotter then hell