OT: Messed Up Jo Ann's Order

This morning I found that the order I had placed at Jo Ann’s on Friday for the two knitting bags hadn’t yet been charged to my card. I called the Jo Ann’s customer service number to find out why.

It seems that when I typed in the information I messed up and transposed two digits in the zip code (I’m mildly dyslexic) so the card was declined. Arrrrgh. Stupid typos. And stupid me for not catching it.

The nice young lady I spoke with said she corrected the mistake and would run it again and it should take about 45 minutes to process. After a couple of hours it still hadn’t posted so I called back. After another long wait on hold I got a different nice young lady. She said that she would re-run it, follow up with it, call the warehouse to make sure they got the order, and call me back.

After about 30 minutes the transaction posted. About 15 minutes after that she called me. It seems the delay caused by the first nice young lady not actually following through meant that the order wouldn’t go out now until tomorrow. As I paid for 1 day express shipping (on an order placed Friday) it should be delivered Wednesday.

That’s all well and good but I am likely leaving back out on the road Wednesday and will probably miss the delivery. grrrrrr.

Well, at least the tracking info says my Options will be here tomorrow. If I had to choose, I’d rather leave out with the Options than the bag anyway. I just wish the first CSR had actually done her job as it was then still early enough for the order to go out.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and be “stuck” at home an extra day.

That’s frustrating, but I’m glad it all got settled. I hope you get all the orders BEFORE you have to leave! :cheering:

Thanks Jan, me too. That bag will make carrying my knitting into the truck stops much easier, but I can make do for another month if I miss it.

The canvas bag I am now using is ok, but has velcro at the top so I have to keep the yarn and stuff in a plastic bag to keep the velcro from snagging the yarn and fuzzing it.

Grrr…I hate when things like that happen!

Good thing you stayed on top of it.

Let us know what you think about your Options.

Yeah, I tend to keep close tabs on orders. A habit developed from a number of bad experiences over the years.

Will do on the options.

Canvas bag? You use a canvas bag? How upscale! I use plastic bags to carry my knitting to work… :eyebrow:


I hope you get the order before you leave!!! Sending lucky dust your way… :wink: