OT: MenzB immunisation in the states?

I have been over here in New Zealand for nearly 5 years now so it’s safe to say I’m no longer clued up on American law/custom/changes/etc.

Over here they have really been pushing the MenzB (Meningococcal B Immunisation), but it seems to me to be a mainly NZ/Australian thing.

Do they even have this immunisation over in the states? Just curious…

Um, I think the one ths kids get here is called Pneumococcal (sp?), and if I’m not mistaken it’s in the vaccine called Prevnar.

Hmm… any idea how new it is? My oldest son had his first vaccines/immunisations in the states so he possibly could have had it already… I know he had the ones up until 10 months of age. After that we moved here to NZ where a lot of the immunisations are the same but administered at different ages.

I forget now what the first vaccines are over in the states. Curse my memory. I’ll have to get out his immunisation card.

I had to get a Meningococcal immunization before going to college.

Yes, Cate is right. The vaccine for Meningitis B is given to college students, not infants.

The one I was talking about is about 3.5 years old or so.

Here is a chart for the currently administered vaccines.

Several of them were not given when my children were babies, but I believe my grandsons got them and they’re 6 and 8.

They’ve changed the immunization schedule again…they now give a Hep shot (can’t remember which one) at 15 months and 2 years. They never did this one with my other 2.