OT Menu for this weekend?

Any ideas for easy cheap meals to feed a crowd. We have lots of little kids and all decided its about the kids and we are keeping meals simple. But I still need a few to plan. I’m sitting her with negative 8 hours till I do my christmas food shopping.

I’ve made the menu for Satuday Sunday and Monday, but am still lacking 2 lunches and one dinner. We are doing easy

Here’s what Ive got. Day 1 B-Malt-O-Meal, L-Tomatoe soup with french bread sandwiches, D-Mexican Shepherds Pie,Day 2BHashbrown bake and large quiche, L-?, D-dh got it catered (woohoo), Day 3B-frozen Sausage rolls with cinnamon rolls, L-HashBrown Soup, D-Spaghetti and meatballs with 2 cheese pizzas, and a salad.