OT : Making your own baby food?

I am pregnant with my first so if the answer is obvious I apologize…
I would like to make my own baby food and I was wondering if anyone else has done this and has any tips. I’ve been told to freeze it in ice cubes trays or small containers for easy thawing and use. Are their things made specifically for this that will make the process easier ?
I have plans to go to a couple of really nice baby consignment sales (they are only held once a year) and would like to know if there are things I should look for and/or stay away from.

I made a lot of my own baby food when my kids were babies because I was just curious (and it turned out to be incredibly cheaper). I always had a blender on the counter and the kids really got to eat what we ate (without the spices). I didn’t start this until they were ready for solid foods (around 6 months IIRC) and after the pediatrician was certain that is was OK to transition from cereals to baby food. The main staple, as I remember and it sprung to mind immediately when I saw your topic, was carrots and peas.

Back in those days we didn’t have the intarweb to give us knowledge, so I really fumbled around and clipped info from parenting magazines. The only thing I seem to remember is making sure they drank a little more water than usual because their little systems can get irregular when changing their diets. I think it’s a great idea to feed them the same thing you’re having at your table and it entices their little taste buds. And honestly, it’s really just an extra added step when you’re already preparing food. I always had stuff in the freezer for them to eat because they really don’t eat a lot, so you can make several meals out of a typical kids portion. The challenge is in the seasoning you use. As a result of cooking like this for 4 kids, I rarely use much salt or pepper on my dishes (letting each season to their taste) and it gives you a great education in nutrition. I took a course at the local community college in nutrition when my second one came along and I was really worried that I was doing everything wrong.

Stick with the baby cereals because they are fortified, but any fresh foods would be fine to puree for the baby. If you have a food processor or blender it would make it pretty simple.

There are several good parenting websites/forums that would be very helpful, too. I came across this one when I was looking at food processors. :wink:

I did this for my kids and enjoyed making the foods. It is a bit time consuming, but worth it, because you know what went into the food.
Anyway, I used a good blender and processed to the consistency that I needed. The older kids had chunkier foods.
I would freeze in ice cube trays and then either keep them in separate ziplocs that were labeled. Everything looks the same when purreed, lol.

I also did ziploc meals if traveling to see family. I would put in meat, veggies, fruits in a bag, ahead of time. All I had to do was grab and go.

This will be a stupid question but, can a baby be fed only breast milk for the first year or so? Err I’m not having one, never will either…just wondering.

My girlfriend from college used to just puree whatever she made for dinner for her kids when they were babies. They turned out fine and she saved a ton of cash.

Thanks for all the input. I do have a great blender, ice cube tays and ziploc bags. I fully intend to use the fortified cereals etc, just figured I could save money and avoid additives if I made food at home.
Plus, I tried some babyfood while babysitting b/c the kid kept spitting everything I tried back at me and I gotta tell you some of that stuff is GROSS.
Noobknitter - I don’t know if babies can have JUST milk for the 1st year … I do intend to breastfeed, but I have heard that adding cereal and other solids helps to keep baby full and will sleep better through the night which will make for a happier mommy, dadddy and doggie :slight_smile:

Whatever works for you, do that. :slight_smile: I’m pretty ignorant on such subjects but my mom told me once she made my baby food herself, pureed veg/fruit etc. Just don’t convince the kid that Cod Liver oil is delicious, or your kid will find it and chug it and your friends will wonder why your kid smells like fish. :lol:

Put a stick blender on your gift registry. Braun makes a good one. They’re quicker and easier to clean than a regular blender with container and they’re really good for small amounts.

As for the when to start solids–advice has changed so many times in the past thirty years that there is no answer. Not until six months…no, four months…no, right away…no, four months…no, six months…not for a year…no, four months…and on and on. The thinking on allergy development is changing almost hourly as we gain understanding of the immune system. In truth, it depends on the baby–like everything else!

I had helped raise my nephews because my sister was sick. My other niece and nephew had stayed with us a LOT when they were little. I knew about babies…until we got our own, and he turned out to be the World’s Hungriest Baby. I weighed him before and after feedings until I HAD to use a breast pump because of the chapping, so I know what he was getting by way of breast milk–somewhere between 55 and 67 ounces a day (I never could make more than that.) When he was two weeks old, he was on my lap (nursing, of course) while I was trying to eat a banana. He took an open-palmed swipe at it, smacked off a large bite, stuffed it into his mouth and went back to heavy drinking. Our doctor’s reaction? “He’s hungry. Feed him.” You can try not to feed your baby solids, but when he or she becomes mobile, it’ll be hard to keep them away. If you lose a bite of banana, don’t panic; just count your fingers:)

Many babies in third world countries are, but after a certain age, they need a little bit more to fill their tummies. It’s much better to supplement with cereals and such when the doctor says they are ready because they are fortified with certain nutrients they may not be getting from breast milk, and it keeps their tummies filled so you can sleep the night through for the first time in recent memory. I just let the pediatrician help me decide when they were ready. My second child was put on cereals when he was 3 weeks old because he was always hungry. I got to sleep 3 entire hours that first night. He’s been a food black hole his entire life and is a stick figure.

I LOLD at “food black hole” I was one of those as a kid and a teen. Be ready to eat my arm off 1 hr after dinner. My poor mom…

I still have times where I seem to be constantly hungry (days where I cycle 20 km or walk many many blocks.) It is actually pretty annoying to have to constantly eat and I imagine even moreso to a tiny baby that can’t well, go to the fridge…

It’s super easy to make them their own food, they can handle little soft lumps everything doesn’t need to be pureed.

I don’t premake food in large batches freezing and thawing is a pain.

For lunch I generally give him soft fruits whatever is in season - banana, pear, peaches, strawberries, plums etc and just mash it up with a fork.

For dinner I just cook a few of the dinner vegetables a little longer and again mash with a fork, if we aren’t having a suitable type of veggie with dinner I pull out an avocado (babies favorite lol).

If I am in a pinch canned sweet potato works great, or some unsweetened apple sauce.

With my first, I did the jars of baby food until I discovered I could grind up whatever we were having. I tend to introduce solids a bit later than any of my friends. And with my second I forgot to do the solid thing until she was well over one. (Don’t ask its a very long story, but she turned out just fine).
I after I started with the baby ceral, we went for bannas and then on to veggies. I didn’t freeze any, because it seemed like a pain. I would often save a little leftovers to grind up the next day.
Our babysitter at that time thought we were a bit weird, so we would give her baby food in a jar.

As odd as this is to say…my mom breastfed me till I was well over 2. I didn’t have solids till that pt. If I got hungry mom fed me or pulled out a bottle of breastmilk. FOr my big sis…mom make babyfood from the beginning and that is what she got instead of formula/breastmilk from about 6 months on becasue of health issues in the family. IN the 70’s it was a given that you would formula feed/food feed and not breastmilk…

It depends on the family, support from others, and personal preference. Some families prefer to start food earlier than other. The best thing is to have a doc you trust and talk to him about what works for you. Read up and look into the various options and choices and you’ll get the best things for you and your child and apply them:)

I tryed to make my own baby food my son wouldn’t touch it.

What I did, for a cheap easy at home first foods for my son was carrots. Washed then peeled then washed again steamed drained and blending with filtered water (btw, you can’t use the water from the steaming process with carrots too much iron I think in that) I have a cuisinart mini prep plus food processor that I used to blend it all down with then I strained them to make sure there were no lumps. You can refrigerate baby food for up to 3 days. My son just didn’t like homemade anything so we were stuck buying babyfood.

As for breast feeding, again I started out really wanting to breast feed and by month 6 he was getting off breast milk and on to formula since my milk wasn’t sticking to him like the formula was.

If this is your first kid I’d do a ton of registrys at anywhere.
Alot of people are useing things like this for baby food prep no clue if its worth the price or not sounds cool from the videos though.


Do some googleing too, you’ll find loads of recipes for babies and whats good to start at what times seasonings and etc. Good luck and congrats on the new baby.

Yes go to Babies R Us and look. They have food mills for grinding the food and then they have the ice cube trays with little lids on each cube for freezing and storing the food. Fresh is always best and so you can make a little extra veggies when you are making for you and then freeze them. As for fruit, it’s easy to boil an apple or a pear. I went to a baby shower a few weeks ago and brought the new Mom a food grinder and the ice cube trays and she was thrilled! My youngest is 30 now and I made and froze baby food for her. Some things never go out of style.