OT - Making horchata

I love horchata in Mexican restaurants, but my search for a recipe has left me a bit weary…it seems there’s a lot of prep work in making it (more time than I’m willing to invest, to be honest! :teehee: :oops: ) . I’m sure it’s VERY good made from scratch using the time-honored method of soaking the rice and almonds, etc., but it’s just too much planning ahead for me–when I want some, I want it now, not in a day or two.

So my question is, does anybody know if you can make horchata a “cheater” way? Can I maybe use rice and almond milks along with sweetener and spices?

I know in Mexico you can find the concentrate. You only mix with water and all that. Are there any mexican stores around your area?
They might have it. Then there’s also the powdered version.

Aw! My advice is to move to a latino neighborhood. Other than that, I can’t really help you. I am not hispanic, myself, but I live in a densely populated hispanic area and there’s Horchata in half gallons at the store in my neighborhood. SO yummy. I just got some and finished it in a day. It was even better than the restaraunts here.

Our Savealot is closing here :pout: and I happened to notice a mix for horchata, kind of like Koolaid, I guess.


I agree- look in your neighborhood ethnic markets- sometimes the Chinese grocer also carries hispanic ingredients (and indian and arabic etc etc etc) I have heard of buying the concentrate, but not a powedered mix… I even saw it bottled once ready to drink. (but didn’t buy it- I should have!)

http://www.mexgrocer.com/10062.html << link to buy online

two horchata recipes


What a great link! (mex.grocer) !
My husband loves horchata too. I got this bottle of almond concentrate that’s a lot like horchata though. Mix it with milk and heat it. Very good.
Those are easier to find I think but maybe not the taste you want.