OT - Make sure your virus software is updated!

I just had a trojan virus on my computer that my daughter’s nephew got from a game site called “fog” or something like that. It installed the trojan which caused [U]constant[/U] popups warning me that my computer was infected with multiple viruses and trojans. It was trying to get me to buy “Security Tools” virus software which is just a way to get my money. It apparently also tries to get your passwords.

I was unable to do anything including run my virus software or do anything else that might allow me to remove it. I turned the computer off to give me time to think and look up my options on my laptop. Fortunately this morning my virus software DID find it and quarantined it where I was able to safely delete it. Whew!!

My virus software is Eset Nod32 and I’ve used it for years. I prefer it to any of the others.

I use Avast!. Thanks, will make sure when I get home tomorrow night…

IMPORTANT: DO [B]NOT[/B] click on any button on these pop-ups!! It will only take you to a site that will infect you more. Always do random scans or set-up your virus protection to do automatic scans every week. I prefer the Free AVG software.
Also if you notice your computer becoming slower and slower this may be a sign that you are infected. Back-up your documents on an external drive! :muah:

Good god. I just had it again. This time my virus software didn’t get it so I downloaded a spyware thing. That worked. I hate these things, I wish these idiots would use their knowledge for good instead of being jerks. :hair:

And yes, I know not to click the popups.

I don’t usually get viruses because my extremely geeky husband has our cable connection hooked up to an in house server that is Linux based and all the firewalls and such are located there. Most viruses are designed for windows so Linux doesn’t usually get any anyway. Then my computer somehow runs off the server and I don’t have any virus protection on my own computer. For further safety we don’t use wireless, even with security it’s much more hackable…we know which neighbors have secure and unsecured connections too, if we care to look.

This is the only thing I’ve gotten in years. My virus software is very good, but this one manages to work around it which is one of it’s lovely qualities. Last time my AV found it the next day, but this time I didn’t want to wait. We have a router which does help. Nothing is perfect.

And no one please tell me to get a Mac. I know it’s better for this stuff, but I prefer PC right now. :shifty:

You pretty much need malware and spyware programs in addition to the anti-virus (I use Avira, another free one).

What you do if you can’t get out of that virus window without clicking on it is Ctrl/alt/del and end your browser. Then run a virus scan. It should find the trojan in your temp files, hopefully that is as far as it went.

It bugs me the type of sites that thing finds itself on. I was searching recipes once and had it pop up.