OT: Maine vacation

Got my trip booked and a few ideas but looking for more. It looks like there are several alpaca farms in Maine. Does anyone know if any accept visitors?

Flying into Portland and staying near Camden if anyone has some ideas!

Hi Debb,

Hi Debb!

This website has some good references for Alpaca Farms in Maine.


The first one in North Yarmouth does allow visitors. Be sure to stop by Halycon Yarn in Bath, it is right on the way to Camden. Have a fun trip to Maine!! It is beautiful here in the summer. -Deb

[color=blue] :teehee: I have no information on Alpaca Farms… but want to tell you that I hope you have a fabulous trip. Debb is right, it is beautiful here in the summer!

anne [/color]

Thanks, those links look promising. I’m so excited and I’m probably trying to do too much in too little time but it’s been a while since I’ve actually travelled away from the usual nearby places.

OOOHHHH :happydance: I am going to Maine this summer too - techinically I am going in spring as it is the first week in June. My hubby and I are driving from VA to ME to spend 3-4 days in Acadia National Park/Bar Harbor. Along the way we are stopping in Gloucester, Mass for a whale watch and then on the way back we are stopping in Lake George, NY for Americade.

There are a lot of things we are trying to fit into 10days, and I guarantee he will not let me near any yarn/craft shops or farms :shrug: Something about I would get lost in there and spend all our vacation money.