OT: Magazines

Hello all you savy knitters out there…

I gotta question… we recently got a free month subscription to Interweave Knits magazine… and I wasn’t all that impressed with some of the patterns in there…

So here’s my question for you … what magazines do you all subscribe to… once that are beneficial…

The interweave one 99% of the patterns my wife, daughter and I all said: “I’d never wear that” … Same thing with my wifes Crochet version…

I’m looking to subscribe to a mag that will give me good and usable patterns that I can keep around.

I think I found 2 I would do in the latest Interweave mag…

Let me know what you think… :slight_smile: Thanks


i have only found one pattern in interweave that i loved enough to make me want to buy it. i don’t have much of an interest in doing clothes at this point and i really like my projects to be easy enough that i can do them on the fly and i don’t get that feeling from Interweave. I think Family Circle’s Easy Knitting is probably a pretty good one.

You are going to get dozens of differing opinions on this for sure, as everyone has different tastes and such. <insert shameless plug here> I try to post reviews of all my magazines and such on my review blog: http://nicolethegeeksreviews.blogspot.com/

I have been buying FCEK for about 5-6 years faithfully as it has crochet patterns in it, and I wanted so bad to learn to knit. I have recently been buying Creative Knitting and so far so good with it, haven’t really developed an opinion persay on it. Vogue Knitting has a few more challenging patterns in it, but some of the clothing patterns are definitely “out there”. InKnitters seems to be more technical, and while the patterns are more classic styles of clothing, some are still too wonky for me. Knit.1 is a great one for the young set. I usually find one or 2 patterns in there that will look nice in more subdued colours or such. Knit It is luckily a yearly thing… not sure if I would buy this one on a regular basis, but it’s a neat one to have around. The only knitting magazine I have that seems to regularly have crochet patterns in it as well {other than FCEK} is Knit.1


I know this is one of those touchy subjects like… “Which interchangeables are best”

Everyone has thier opnion… but I’m interested in the opnions so I can go out and check out differenet mags to see which I like best at B/N … possibly…

Yeah that’s whatI got with Interweave… it’s like the designers just wanna show thier stuff off… but I want something functional… I will definately check out the blog . :slight_smile:

Someone needs to start a real people magazine for the more mature knitter (mature age and body shape, not experince)

I personally subscribe to family circle knitting, it only comes out about 4 times a year. But I have ones from several years ago I still knit patterns from.
The instructions are clear, consise and fun.
Also the yarn used is usually very findable.
Heres a link to the magazine.


There is also a free peek at the upcoming magazines.

Yeah I’m going to peak at this one when I hit B/N this afternoon to see what it’s like… that’s the one I think I’ll probably go with… too bad it doesn’t come out more often :frowning: I like have a monthly mag :slight_smile:

Another vote for Family Circle Easy Knitting. I haven’t seen too many patterns in the Vogue that I would knit and even less in Interweave. Knit it has some good patterns but FCEK is the only one I like enought to subscribe to.

How much is the subscription? I couldn’t find the price without signing up.

For FCEK it was 4 issues 17.97 per year

For Creative Knitting it was 6 issues + a free issue for 19.97 / year

I’m sure there are shipping costs too :slight_smile:

The subscription card in my issue says 4 issues for $25… but that’s for Canadian subscriptions… payable in US funds of course. :wall: Checking inside the mag it says $17.97 US.

I have a 2 yr subscription to Creative Knitting… I like a lot of the patterns in all my issues - simple, but fun for everyone, in my opinion. I also plan on getting a subscription to Knit 1 Mag by Vogue, but I know not everyone likes that one. I happen to like a few things in each issue and it’s cheap to get a subscription right now.

I just got a free issue of Interweave Knits, and I wasn’t impressed either. It was thick, yea, but not exciting to me. I like Vogue too, but there’s a lot of difficult looking stuff in there.

Glad to know I wasn’t the only one… yeah there were a cople things I wanted ot try… but the majority I didn’t.

I picked up the Holiday 2005 FCEK just for giggles… we’ll see if we want to subscribe to that one :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll be the lone dissenter - I :heart: Interweave Knits, just subscribed to it not too long ago. I’ve actually found more in IK that I’d knit than in other mags. But then again, my tastes are often unconventional.

I also lik ethe fact that in FCEK they have crochet stuff too… my wife crochets… and I knit… we may even exchange one of these days… but I Really have no interest in crochet :slight_smile:

I am doing a scarf craft class at church in December so I made a plain knitted and a chrocheted scarf. The crocheting makes my hands hurt, but the scarf was prettier. I didn’t like the Interweave mag either. The patterns seemed to be more for younger girls.

I personally love Vogue knitting… although I can’t knit half the stuff that is in there! Realllly beautiful patterns though.

Yeah, I have FCEK too, and I like the stuff in there. I havent subscribed, but it is hard to find around here, so maybe it flies off the shelves.

Yea, a lot of the patterns intimidate me, but I’d love a subscription to it.

This is also another fav of mine http://www.knittinguniverse.com/flash/universe.php
I have all they’re magazines, I like that everyone also has a new technique to try, and every year they have a kids knit one that features patterns just for kids, so either you can make them, or the young knitter in your family can. There is a ton of hints and tips also.