OT - Lynard Skynard pictures

:inlove: Just a few of my pictures. Great concert! I had a great time… the music was just perfect.

Looks like a great time. Oh so jealous.

sigh I LOVE Skynard. I have tons of their albums. I’m from the Jacksonville, FL area… the hometown of the Van Zants, my dad grew up across the street from them. I live in Orange Park, only 7 miles from the crash site, and 5 from the Van Zant grave. I’ve met the band recently (and they remembered my dad!!! While there, I had DH’s bass guitar autographed by 5 members, as well as 2 CDs.

Yes, I love them.

And I’ve NEVER seen them live!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!
I am soooooooooo jealous. [color=green]envy envy envy[/color]

So where’s the pic of Nuno in her shirt?

I second that. Where is the shirt???