Ot: lost

What the hay!!! What is going on??? It’s more confusing than ever.

I so agree with you!

Tonight was the first time I’d watched an episode of the show. I was totally lost.

Poor Desmond!!! And poor Charlie!!!

I’m glad we’re back to the other story lines. Nice change of pace…

holy cow, now I’m scared for poor Charlie!!!

You kind of have to watch from the beginning to have any clue. Tonite’s show confused even us die hard watchers. :??

I hate Lost. Well, no, I love to hate Lost. I really don’t like watching it because it drives me crazy, but I can’t stay away. I swear we’re being brainwashed.

Remember last week’s brainwashing scene? If the scene is played backwards you can hear the phrase “Only fools are enslaved by time and space” several times, and clear as a bell. Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself.
Creepy!! :zombie:

Interesting given last night’s episode with Desmond.

So Desmond kept getting clues that what was happening wasn’t “real” like the microwave beep was the same beep as in the hatch. So maybe if reality is sometimes not “real” maybe he can change the reality he’s in right now? So maybe he can save Charlie? I liked this episode. I usually don’t like Desmond (why the heck does he call everyone bruther?) but this episode was very Matrix-like. The woman in the jewelry store was like the Oracle in the Matrix. It was kinda cool.

I am still wanting to know what happened to Michael and Walt… I am very tired of the whole Kate, Sawyer and Jack thing, there are a lot of other interesting characters that they have left out of practically the whole season. I myself like Locke and wish they would show more of him. I find his character fascinating. They need to get away from the soap opera stuff and back to what made the show great in the first place, which is how these people are connected in the past and how they work together… ok off my soapbox now :teehee:

where is that tapping foot impatiently smiley? :teehee:

Loved this episode :heart:

So…other than what happened to the kids what other Q’s are going to be answered next week?

It doesn’t really matter. They might answer 3 questions, but they’ll ask like 14 more.

My sis sent me this link… very interesting concept on what is going on on the island.

Very interesting, Silver, but it makes me wonder whether someone dubbed that in there.

It was creepy enough forward. It’s even creepier backwards!!! :help:

BTW … were there two new episodes last night, or did they replay the Portland one? I was watching AI. :oops: (The only new one on the online episodes is the 2nd one)

First hour was last week’s repeat. 2nd hour was new episode.

I am very skeptical of things I find on the internet. With all the fake stuff I see I wouldn’t be surprised. :shrug:

Me, too, Jan. Some people have too much time on their hands – as if I have any room to talk at the moment. :oops:

And I’m glad to hear the 1st episode was a repeat – now I only have an hour to catch up on! :thumbsup:

It’s so true!! I can’t say that I actually HATE it, but it DRIVES ME NUTS! :eyes: DH and I started compiling a list of unanswered questions at one point, but then just gave up!

(I really do :heart: it though…just have some resolution from time to time!! :teehee: )

We have watched LOST faithfully…but this is the LAST SEASON. unless the writers get with it REAL QUICK. We think the LOST writers throw ‘miscellaneous storylines’ into a wicker basket each week, and pull one out of the hat for next week’s episode. We don’t think the writers know where this show is going from week to week. LOST is lost, wandering aimlessly through piles of miscellaneous ideas…none make sense, nothing is connected, and we are caring less and less about any of them.

We may not last this Season out. It is more annoying than interesting, and that ain’t sayin’ much.

[color=red]Question:[/color] hasn’t Hurley actually gained weight since the first episode? Wouldn’t you think he’d have lost a little by now? Huh, Dude?

Remember Castaway with Tom Hanks? He actually stopped filming for 6 months so that he could lose weight, and actually halfway make us believe he was stranded on a deserted island! Kudos, Tom!

I’ve thought that they are kind of flying by the seat of their pants, too. But I’m not ready to give up on them yet. It is kind of annoying to be strung along each week, though. :shrug:

I think its quite the opposite. EVERYTHING is connected. No misc. story lines at all. In time you see the parallels and connections. While you can’t believe everything you see on the net, there are several LOST sites created by the brilliant minds who run the show. For example, the Oceanic site, the Hanso site, Retrievers of Truth, etc. LOST is meant to be an INTERACTIVE show. If you sit and watch for an hour per week, you will be “lost”. If you do your homework, the parallels and connections are easier to see. You get those AHA! moments much more often.

And Desmond is quite possibly the most beautiful man in existence.

And as for Hurley losting weight-yeah when TH did Castaway, he was also stranded on an island, however I doubt if he would have appeared to lose weight had someone dropped a TON of food on HIS island every couple of months.