Ot: lost

Does anyone watch this show? Can someone explain it to me?

Explain it to you? :?? Have you watched it from the beginning?

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: Yes I have!!!I mean what is Mmicheal up to? Why did he shoot Anna Lousia? Libby was an acccident I get that (poor Hurley!) And what is up with John and Ecko. Is this all just a game? Is it a plot to see how the folks on the island can go mad? And where are the monsters? What is up with “the others?” are they part of the con? Where is Walt? Why was there a polar bear on a tropical island? Why do the others want to steal babies?

These are just a few of my questions. :shock:

Okay first of all… there are no explanations for some things…it’s right up there with why airplanes don’t fall out of the sky. :roflhard:

Here’s my take…

I think Michael has been brainwashed. I believe he shot Anna for two reasons, one because she was there at the wrong time and two because she was there and it fit in with his plans to make it look like the prisoner shot several people in his escape.

Ecko is apparently having visions of some kind, but it’s not explained fully yet. John tends to explore the island and knows where some things are like the plane with the heroin so he’s a logical choice to take. He also tends to be more visionary and has different views of what is on the island than other surivors.

All this being said though…there is no clear explanation for anything. You know as much as anyone else about the monsters and others. I think the only plot is by the writers to get us to keep watching! It’s working! :lol:

I think it has something to do with spirtuallty (sp? sorry I can’t spell worth crap) because they talk about people being good, and bad. So maybe the kids aren’t old enough to have been judged?? Or I think it has something to do with survival of the fittist??

Thats just my thought…I love the show and can’t wait till Wensday!!


Oh man, my mom got me hooked to it. We just finished the last disc of season one and are patiently awaiting Season 2 to disk. Its gona be a long couple of years. I guess we will never catch up. Is season 2 being rerun anywhere?

Ooooh you hit ona topic I like :wink: (apart from knitting of course). I didn’t watch ANY of season 1 then when my leg went all gammy a few weeks ago I watched seaon 1 in a marathon. I was hooked! So I’m now up to the same point that you are in season 2 (I have my ways!).

Anyway, I think that Alvar Hanso is Locke’s father (Anthony Cooper) and its all getting a bit creepy now. I think Michael has been promised Walt back, and was told that AL was not a good one (she killed 2 of the others - the guy in the jungle when they went to get to higher ground - can’t remember his name LOL and one of them when they attacked Eko / their camp one night). Fenry (fake Henry Gale) did say she was bad and tried to kill her too.

Michael apologised before he shot AL (Libby was surely an ‘accident’ - reaction to her in wrong place at wrong time) but I think that the reason he said “sorry” before he shot her was that he did feel sorry but that the only thing he wants is his son back. He would kill to get him back.

We know the pearl station is an observation station, so I think Fenry was under observation by ‘the others’ to ensure he did what he was sent to do (get Locke). When he failed, they sent Michael back out telling him to free Fenry and lead the other losties to the others =D

It’s all a trap!

I believe you can watch the episodes for free on the ABC web site :slight_smile: Open to US residents only.

Lost is my favorite-est show!! :cheering:
I too think Michael has been brainwashed or maybe even threatened. If he doesn’t do what the Others told him to do, perhaps they told him Walt would be killed. Anyway, I think he’s leading them into a trap (Sayid thinks so too, according to the trailer).
It still upsets me though because I thought there would be more devleopment in Libby’s story. I was so hoping that Locke and Ecko would look at tapes or something and find out that Michael was the one that shot Ana Lucia and Libby.

My mom thinks they’re in Purgatory until they come to a realization (epiphany?).

:?? I don’t think there is anything remotely religious, but it’s nice that it leaves it all open for many interpretations…also keeps us going back week after week! :lol:

I don’t think its religious but agree it leaves lots open to interpretation. There are so many theories out there =D

I have to say the format works very well - a cliffhanger one week something poignant the next =D Keeps us wanting more more more!

Oh, I LOVE Lost!! Last nights show was good… but… Next weeks show looks awesome!! I can’t wait. What a cliff hanger they gave us in the previews. It looks like we get to find out what happened to the plane to cause the crash and what’s on the boat. Ohhhhh… I am so excited. Anyone else??

I am too! I have yet to see last nights episode… I have to wait a bit longer before I get to see it =P I can’t wait to see it though and nor can I wait for the finale!

Did you know if you missed an episode of “LOST” you can watch it on your computer!?!? Check out the ABC web site



Never seen it…but, I am hooked on Top Chef :thumbsup:

Yep but ONLY if you live in the USA!

drat! :frowning:

FWIW, the producers have said repeatedly that it’s not purgatory…that’s a pretty popular theory. :smiley:

Lost is MY FAVORITE program!!! I am completely hooked! Anyways. Micheal was told he needs to bring back Sawyer, Hurley, Kate, and Jack or never see Walt again. He was also suppose to see to it that Henry escaped. Micheal will do what ever to get him back. Henry is part of the others.

Idon’t think the experiment has ended. The others have been giving Walt Tests. Miss Clue kept asking Micheal all these questions about seeing Walt where he shouldn’t have been (Remember Shannon kept seeing him even after he had been taken.) Also food is continuing to come with the Dharma symbol on it so someone is sending this food and supplies. They also know all about the castaways. Including Sawyer’s real name that he hasn’t revealed to anyone (as far as I can remember.)

I also agree that there is a spiritual element. Although not spiritual in then sense of purgatory or any one religions view but rather spiritual in a broader sense. Not quite sure how yet.