OT: Lost Fans

Oooh! I’m so glad to see other “Lost” fans on here! I am actually watching the DVR of the “survival guide” as I type. My DH and I started watching the DVD’s of season 1 and 2 over Labor Day weekend and were HOOKED!

I didn’t care for the 3 month break either…I’d rather they did it like 24(the other show we’re addicted to)…just start in January and go straight through until May. I just need them to start ANSWERING some questions, instead of creating new ones!! :teehee:

when did the others try to take Sun? I remember once that Sawyer and Charlie made it look like the others tried to get her, But I can’t remember a time when the Others actually tried to take her.[/quote]

ok I think you are right. I remembered wrong…I thought they actually took her but now that you say that it rings a bell. hehe :slight_smile:

So I think the reason why the blonde tried to impregnate the sister was becasue she had cancer so if anything went wrong, she was gonna die anyway. Get it? THey didn’t actually plan for what would happen if she actually did get pregnant.

I don’t think Blondie’s sister was expected to recover from the chemo/cancer. So it was a way to make her dying wish to come true. Or to give her some motivation to keep fighting. Also a way to keep her memory alive.

Here’s what I was thinking…“Ugh…um…chemo and unborn babies do not mix…” Maybe they took a little bit of liberation from medical facts…who knows.

My DH thinks that Blondie has special mind powers like Walt. He thinks Darmha/ Ben wanted her for that. He thinks that she unwittingly made the bus hit her husband, just like Walt conjured the bird and makes himself appear to others. He also thinks that she used her powers to make her sister pregnant and it wasn’t really the drugs.

I don’t agree with this theory.

DH says it’s TV that is somehow emitting crack into the air. Crack TV…very addicting.