OT: Lost Fans

OK - I’m not seeing a post for this - am I the only Lost nut out there? The new shows started last night and I was all in “Gasp” mode watching it! Come one people - give me your opinions on the show last night! What the heck is Juliet doing - making MALE field mice pregnant?

Will Juliet be sent home now? Will Ben live? Will he be even more cunning? What the heck was with that room with the loud music and flashing screens? What’s the deal with Alex and why couldnt she just leave the island too? SOOO many questions! And did anyone love that bus hitting that guy? WOW - didn’t see that coming!

Juliet was a fertility Dr/researcher…that’s why she made the male frild mouse pregnant. I think Ben really will let Juliet go home. I think Ben will live and be even more of an evil ass. The room with the loud music and flashing screens was a brainwashing type of deal. Juliet Said Alex had to stay because that’s the only way Ben will let her boyfriend live. And the bus hitting Juliet’s ex- i saw that comming as soon as she said she wished he’d get hit by a bus in the interview. This show is such that it was obvious that the guy she was interviewing with was a part of Bens group / Dharma. He made it obvious that he wanted Juliet to go to ‘Portland’ with him to work.

Do you really think Juliet will leave? She’s such an important character on the show now - but I guess if they got rid of Eko (which I’m still sad about) they can get rid of her too - I just think her and Jack would be a good pairing. I hope she doesn’t leave. I’m wondering what’s happened to her sister though - did she have that baby? Or even get healthy enough herself? I LOVE this show!

I am a big LOST fan, unfortunately my husband is not so he slept through it all. I read that they are not going to do the 3 month break again, that it did not help at all…YAY! I just need to get a DVR cause CSI NY and Medium are also on at the same time.

I don’t think that Juliet is going anywhere, I think that Ben is evil enough to go back on his word. I would not trust that man any farther than I could throw him! Him or any of the other guys there on the little island for that matter. But now I want to see what the rest of the LOST people have been up to, do they even have a clue as to what is going on with the other 3?

I too love LOST! I liked last nights show. I thought that Alex’s boyfriend’s name was different from the name Juliette said when she reminded Alex why she can’t leave the island.

I also thought the look that Jack was given, and the look that Juliette gave Kate when Kate was telling Jack the story over the walkie talkies was rather interesting. As though they knew the story or something.

Oh, and did Eathan look bloated to anyone? He didn’t look healthy when he was in the morgue with Juliette, like he had jowls, and I don’t remember him looking so bad last time. I think it was a makeup job, because prior to last night he was pretty fit and trim.

I knew her husband was going to get hit by a bus I just didn’t know when. So it was a little shock.

OK so here’s what I think. The Dharma project is all about making a master race! I mean what else could it be? THey’re always stealing babies and children and making Juliette go there was part of the plan. And Ben is the evil puppet master behind it all. He gets missionaries like Tom to do his dirty work like shoot people and then he gets reserachers like Juliette to do the medical work and now he has Jack, a real doctor. So maybe he will let Juliette go in exchange for Jack who will take over as doctor.

So if Ben in Alex’s father who is her mother? THe french woman? Shes been there 16 years and talks about the baby she misses (see its all about babies)

And how come they never knew there was a smaller island?

Can’t wait till next week! :cheering:

I think they have proven that they have much more info on the Losties than they admit to.

I think its odd that Juliette’s sister would aim to get pregnant and THEN get healthy. A pregnancy is taxing on the body… I’m wondering if it has something to do with using the baby’s stem cells to try to heal the mother. Then again she did say she always wanted to have a baby. But who would do that knowing they might not live long enough to raise the baby?

Ben… he just irks me. Evil evil evil.

My favorite character is Desmond. :heart: :drool: DESSSSMONDDDD :drool: :heart:

Oh-and Alex IS Rousseau’s daughter.
I am definitely a LOST fan.

I was thinking most about that. Alex is the French Woman’s daughter. I think that is obvious. So…is Ben her real husband? Or is the French Woman’s story true about her husband dying? And Ben just adopted Alex and told her he was her father?

Ben is just wacked. What a nut job.

And now since Ben played with Loch’s mind, causing him to blow the hatch…ha ha that has disrupted them some how. I was so mad when that guy didn’t finish his sentence about how the purple sky.

See I assumed that Ben raised Alex after she was kidnapped from the French lady.

OOOOOOH!!! I’m so lost (no pun intended)!

I was hooked on that show from day one and now I’m lost. I went to a knitting group last night and missed it. Now, I’m going to have to try to view online. Darn it!!!

I was a huge Lost fan from the start, but ended up missing almost all of last season because of a schedule conflict :-(. I tuned in last night, and got hooked all over again! Is there a website that has a show synopsis so I can catch up on last season? I guess I should just go rent the season!

Another LOST fan here … I haven’t watched last night’s episode yet, and I didn’t manage to record the hour-long “special” they had before hand. Was that worth watching? And can I get it online?

Go to http://abc.go.com/fsp/index.html?channel=Lost and off on the right side under Full Episodes you can watch LOST and any of the others if you need to.

You could try www.tv.com, they have descriptions of past shows

I like lost–as strange as this will sound, the first episode holds special memories for me–I’m not a TV person and my dh (my then bf) got me hooked.

Now I must admit–you guys are so much smarter than I b/c I hadn’t even thought about Alex being Rousseau’s daughter but I knew right away that she was Ben’s daughter…I think that Ben is the husband she mentioned and I think their deaths was a “smoke and mirrors” sort of thing…but we’ll see.

I also agree about the whole “Jack will take over as Dr.” thing…I think he will let blondie go and Jack will assume his position in their little “world”…but then that leaves me wondering about the next episode b/c the preview showed the “lost crew” going over and attacking…

And the little island…I also found it strange that from the little island you could see the big island but the “lost crew” never noticed the little island from their island…The only way they can play that out is to say that the place it could be seen from has terrain that would keep them from being able to visit that part of the island…!!! I dunno…my dh reads all of the spoilers and “suggestion” websites so I’ll have to get his take on all of this…

I hated the 3 month thing…it really messed up our TV nights! (Since I’ve gotten into lost I’ve learned to like a few other shows…don’t get me started on Gray’s Anatomy or Boston Legal or Scrubs…I love those shows too!)

This is what I think about Juliet’s sister being sick - I think maybe the shots and with her being the guinea pig - maybe that’s what made her sick so NOW is when she had to get herself healthy? They made her look like someone with cancer - but maybe it was the meds that Juliet was giving her that did that. Just an idea??? Who the heck knows! :wall:

Wow. I love this show, but I totally don’t see stuff happening the way you seem to. :thinking:

Ok…love the show too and had fun watching last night. Did anyway see the Lost Survival Guide the hour before Lost aired? The two producers talked about Sun not being sure if the baby was Jin’s or from the fling she had before getting on the plane. I know that the Others tried to take her away before…could she have been treated with drugs and impregnated?

when did the others try to take Sun? I remember once that Sawyer and Charlie made it look like the others tried to get her, But I can’t remember a time when the Others actually tried to take her.

my dh wishes this thread would go away b/c everytime you guys propose a new “conspiracy” I call him at work to discuss it…I doubt he’s getting anything done today!! :roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard: :rofl: :shrug: