OT: loom knitting

good morning
happy chanuka to all of the jewish faith
join in chanuka wishes to you all
any loom knitters here
i have 2 sets of knift knitters and a project on all

I have the round ones, the oblong ones, and one called the “serenity loom”. I’d started a hat on one once, but when I put it in my bag, the yarn got all tangled up, so I ripped it out. One of these days though.

melanie i always tangle them in my knitting
bag but finally smarten ed up and put each project in a plastic bag
they are fun and quick
good for shawls or neckies
but the best item i have made is a cowls
used some expensive sock yarn with stretch in it
and put it on the largest round loom and it really came out nice
not meant for warmth but it looks great with my sweaters and blazers

Ya know, I just pulled my rectangular one out (to take a break from Knit and Crochet) anyway mine does not have a little nubby thing on both ends…just on one (maybe that’s why I found it for 50 cents) anyway, I’ve watched video after video, bought an instruction booklet etc etc…and I can not for the life of me figure it out…:hair: I end up getting totally PO’d …What’s the trick to it??? Got any tips???

This guy’s pretty good.

Good Luck!

work your rectangle a syou would a round loom
forget the little knobs
just hold the thread till you get a few stitches
and i dont do the fancy cast on
i cast on just as you do for the round loom