OT: Looky!

Sophia has been standing for a few months now but I finally got a pic of her doing it, so I had to share. She is so darn cute.

YAY!!! What a cutie!! How old is she? And of course, how old are your other two gorgeous children?


:cheering: One more to chase after!!!

SO sweet!

She is 11 months old now. Man seems like yesterday I had that child! The other two kids sis is 7, and NJ is 6. I have two others who did not feel like having their pictures taken, Mo 9 (Mo is a girl that is just her nick name she was to dirty to have her pic taken :rollseyes: ) and Zig is 4 (he was just plain mad :roflhard: )

LOL…you are too funny!! Busy lady tho with (5 or was it 6?) kids!! i lost count in there somehow


:cheering: She’s too cute!

Your daughter is adorable but when do you find time to knit? :smiley:

So sweet!! I love that stage when they first start walking- that stagger/straight legged lurch across the room kind of walking! She’s cute. I love the sundress too!

aww how sweet!!! Your babies are cuties :heart:

awwww!!! :heart:

adorable! I love the dress, too!

:smiley: That’s so sweet, reminds me of just how fast time flies, our baby will be 21 next month :shock:

isn’t it great when they start doing somthing brand new! Kricket started walking about 2 weeks ago (@ 10 months)… get ready cause shes will be everywhere into everything!!! i’ve had to block things off and keeping certain doors closed! :happydance:

She’s adorable!

:smiley: Thanks all! She does get into everything :doh:


Hey Sandra,

What pretty kids.