OT: Looking for under-eye eye-deas

What are the best coverups for undereye black circles and such? I am 46 - so I have to be careful - I don’t have wrinkles, per se, but if I put the wrong product on I end up looking worse!!!

I have no clue what works!!! After dealing with the aftermath of thyroid cancer, I have HUGE black and puffy circles under my eyes. Right now I use just regular coverup which doesn’t really cover much. someone recommended that I try hemerroid (sp) cream under my eyes for the puffiness, but that sort of worries me.

I hope someone has great advice because I hate that my eyes look this way.

I hardly ever wear makeup anymore (maybe once a year for a special occasion, like getting married!), but I seem to remember that physician’s formula had this light green concealer made for covering up pimples (red pimple + green concealer = fairly realistic beigy skin tone.) I think they also made something especially for dark circles, maybe it was yellow or something? It may be worth looking into. The green stuff worked really well for pimples. Better than regular concealers. Back when I was a teenager (20 years ago now!) my Mom sent me to modeling school (to gain poise and confidence - ha!), and that’s what they used.

ETA: Here’s a link.

I have horrible dark circles due to my severe allergies…I use and LOVE Lauren Hutton makeup, not the disc, rather this with the concealer. I also use her tinted moisturizer which also has concealer in the cap…I don’t like to wear heavy foundation…I’m very low maintenance kinda girl. Oh, her mascara, lip pencil and loose powder rock also! I love her stuff.
Anyway, this concealer helps me quite a bit, I highly recommend it.

I love BeneFit!

The “Eye-con” is a great eye moisturiser that has helped with my dark circles, and their “Boi-ing” is a fabboooo concealer :smiley:


Also, cut a couple of slices of cucumber, freeze them for about 10 minutes and lay down with some lovely music and put them on your eyes… helps de-puff…