OT - Looking for a crochet pattern

Hi Everyone,

I know its a knitting forum... but someone wiser than myself (Thanks Denise) suggested I should ask my question here.  So here goes,

Does anyone have a really good crochet pattern for making a doll… meaning the doll itself, not the clothes. My wife is looking for one.


What size/type of doll? I have a copy of Crochet Digest Summer 1996 that has a very cute baby doll. She is 16" tall. The pattern has directions for making her sweater separately, so she can be dressed in other clothes. Even her ears are cute! I’m much more interested in knitting than crochet at this point in my life, so I would be happy to gift your wife with this magazine. There is also a pattern for the most darling pair of baby booties shaped like ponies.

Send me a pm with your address if you want me to send it to you.