OT-Lonnie surprises me again!

As most of you know, Lonnie likes to surprise me with gifts. Well, since I’ve been off of the board for so many months I’ve not shared his surprises with you. But, since this one arrived today I just had share, I’m so excited :cheering:
Okay, I think ya’ll know that he surprised me with a laptop several weeks ago and when I drove in the driveway today, returning home from the doc I saw a package in the door addressed to me and it was Photoshop Elements 5 for the laptop!!! I’m beyond excited…I don’t know when I’ll even pick up my knitting, not for a day or 2 because I will be installing this and enjoying it along with the usb tablet and pen he had surprised me with before the laptop!
I was going to knit up the socks that go with the “A Touch of Whimsy” series of patterns and share it with ya’ll, but I’m afraid Lonnie will get another pair of socks before I do that…that is the very least I can do after this surprise :cheering: :cheering:

:inlove: With the software, that is! :teehee:

Have fun playing!!!

What a sweet :heart: of a husband~!! :heart:

For being so wonderful, thank him for all of us. You are so lucky to have each other! :cheering:

Where is the spoiled icon when you need it??? I am so glad you have a great husband and I am glad you are feeling better.

Thanks everyone…he is just so wonderful in so many, many ways that I LOVE to tell everyone :cheering:
Hey Robin, with all this new photo software and stuff that Lonnie has given me I intend to make a “Spoiled Knitter” button for me and the rest of the Spoiled Knitters around here :wink:

I hope one day I can find a guy like your Lonnie Rebecca! How very sweet of him. :smiley:

That is so nice to read! I’m going to tell him you said that!
I hope you find someone like him, too…he is really exceptional!

[size=6]Hey Rebecca…you are the spoiled one and that’s the way it should be! I love reading your posts…I am so thankful that you are feeling better! I am so looking forward to learning alot from you…I just started knitting back in October and am loving it…just started my first pair of socks on 2 Circulars!
Your Lonnie reminds me of my Rick! I am so blessed too! I love it!

God Bless You,
Merry :)[/size]