OT: Long Time No "See" and A Plea From the Heart

Hey all, I hope you have been well!

I know I haven’t been around in a while, I haven’t been doing much knitting now that the weather is warmer and my stupid hands have been sweating so much, and, the OT/Gen. Knitting forum merge has had me quite overwhelmed, in all honesty.

I have been keeping busy though, painting the house and doing a ton of baking! Also, (and actually, my main reason for posting this), I have started a new blog I would like to ask you all to check out. Typically I wouldn’t promote a blog of mine but I started this blog because I really feel it needed to be started.

The blog is titled “The Good News” and it focuses on the good things in life. There is too much “bad,” too much hate, violence and negativity in the news and I am tired of it. The only thing it does is desensitize us and disconnect us from one another even more.

So far the blog is filled with stories of good things people have done for me, and my family, and things I (and my children) have done for others. Just today my post was about a member here that did something for me a couple years ago that touched me greatly. I have more posts too but I am trying to keep it to one or two at a time so I have something new almost daily.

I also encourage people to either comment with their own stories or send me their stories and I will post them on my blog, of course crediting the writer.

I also decided to start Do A Good Deed Day, on May 29th. I describe it on my blog as: “If you don’t normally go out of your way to do a good deed (or even if you do), make it a point to on May 29th! Whether it’s picking up litter, welcoming new neighbors with homemade cookies, making a donation to a good cause, cleaning grandma’s house for her…the possibilities are endless! Please spread the word and encourage your friends and family to join in on Do A Good Deed Day!”

I just think the focus needs to be shifted from the bad to the good. It’s too easy to get wrapped up in what is “wrong” and lose sight of all that is “right”.

I ask you to please check out my blog and participate in Do A Good Deed Day. More info about Do A Good Deed Day can be found on my blog.



Hi! :waving:

I just read a lot of the postings on your blog and want to congratulate you on starting such a great ball rolling! :yay:

There’s so much good that happens every day but not enough places to go to communicate that. The news agencies mostly want terror, drama, violence and scandal.

But you’ve put a place there where folks can communicate about the positives and share them with others. How encouraging for the human race! I’d encourage everyone on here to check it out!

Thanks for doing this! Very well done!

Ruthie :hug:

I really enjoyed reading the stories on your new blog. And, I might add, you are quite the writer! Great job!! :yay:

Your blog looks great! I couldn’t agree more that the news is awful and desensitizing us and I think it’s a fantastic idea to do this. :thumbsup:

I’m sorry the merged forums overwhelm you, but I hope get used to them and you join us more!

LOVE IT! I can see all your stories becoming a nice little book, too.

Great Job.

What a great concept for a blog! I need to show it to my MIL–she’s forever watching the news and giving us all the gory details of the latest murder or kidnapping or whatever. Ick! There’s a reason we don’t watch that stuff.

Thanks for doing your part to change the focus!

WTG - great idea and great blog! :thumbsup: I bookmarked the page - it’s so refreshing to hear good news now and again!

I agree with you completely; too much about what is wrong and not enough about what is right. Your blog is lovely.

I have to agree with everyone the blog is wonderful.

Totally sweet and lovely! I have missed you. We used to “meet up” in the OT threads, esp the joke thread, a personal fav of mine!

Yeah, I need to get back here, I’ve missed you all! I need to just dive in to this forum…lol…It’s crazy because if you were to look at my house and my surroundings you’d probably not think I was into organization, but mentally, I have to have things so utterly organized it’s almost stupid…lol…I felt so overwhelmed with the forum merger that I just couldn’t focus on digging through the knitting and OT threads…I get this feeling like certain things belong in certain places and if I cannot control the organizational aspect of it, I shy away from it…lol…Is that some sort of disorder?? :teehee:

No, Demonica, I think that’s not disorder, only a temporary brain overload, maybe with a pinch of borderline control freak? Enjoyed your offerings on the joke thread. I came to it late and, duh, didn’t notice most were from 2009. I’ve been one or 1 digits off before. See what I mean? Oh bother! Have copied several and enjoyed sending them to contacts. I believe, as Victor Borge said, “A smile is the shortest distance between two people.” I’ve got a couple of golf jokes for you I’d love to send. The joke thread seems to be finished so I don’t know where to send them. I clicked your blog and was denied access for I don’t know what reason. Got into your new one which is the best idea I’ve seen in a long time. I believe you’ve begun an adventure. Hope it spreads.

Hmm, that is odd, denied access?? Maybe to my old blogs, I got rid of those since I had pretty much abandoned them…lol…Please keep adding jokes to the joke thread! Even if it gets pushed way down, it’s always nice to see it bumped back up with new jokes!

ETA: I forgot about my blog link in my sig! I deleted it since I got rid of that blog. Oh, and the whole organizational thing…Man, you should seriously see my farm in Farmville! LOL! I will spend like an hour or more getting it organized the way I want! haha…Almost sad, really…lol

I’m all for happy stories! :thumbsup:
I always say, “You only live once…may as well be happy while you’re here!” :slight_smile:

O.K. I’ll write up what I remember and if you haven’t heard these, they should just lay you out! Methinks you’ve heard alot, though.
P.S. I’ll also tell you a couple of things I do all the time when I go shopping or ??? I think people should smile and better, have a good belly shakin’ laugh everyday. Much better than pills,

Great blog. Very touching stories and life lessons for your kids. I will visit often.

Thank you.:yay: